September Beauty Wishlist

I’m so excited for Winter, as I love Winter colours and clothes and being snuggly warm with plenty of layers. But, annoyingly for me it’s suddenly gotten ridiculously hot again, today was horrendously sticky and hot! I’m never prepared for hot weather and my body simply doesn’t cope well with it. Today I’ve been in London and had a fantastic work related meeting with Hayley of London Beauty Queen Blog, we had Afternoon Tea at Laduree in Covent Garden and it was marvellous, great meeting and a fantastic opportunity to meet a lovely lady, I’m really excited about working with Hayley in the very near future on plans that will, for now have to remain secret and professional!

Anyway, to the point of my blog! Here’s a few beauty products I’m lusting after for September, my September Beauty Wishlist!

1. Pretty much the entire Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless collection, which was release for online purchase on Friday 2nd September and will be in stores next week! I’m particularly interested in the new rubber finish nail polish, the purple shades are delicious! I also adore the look of the lipstick used in this photo, although it turns out that it’s one of the Intense Lipglosses, I’m not usually a lipgloss lady, so will be looking forward to seeing if this product will convert me!

2. Lime Crime’s limited edition Lip Noir collection launched this month, featuring three limited edition shades, exclusive to their online shop. The styling on the photoshoots are amazing too. I really want the Glamour 101 shade, a classic semi-gloss red, as modelled by the stunning Mosh! The other shades are Styletto, a re-released matte black and Chinchilla a semi-gloss grey with lilac undertones.

3. Barry M Cosmetics Foil Effect Nail Paint, this is a new release and if it’s as amazing as it sounds, I really would like both colours, but after being severely unimpressed with their Nail Effects Product, I’m not sure if I’ll rush out and buy this! Has anyone tried it yet?

I’m sure there are many more things I could include, but I don’t want my blog to be massively long! I’ll update when I spot something else that I think I should share with you!

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