Sunday Adventure

Ok, so yesterday was exciting, as my best friend & I attempted a trip to the Olympia Beauty trade show. The queue was insane!

When we eventually made it into the building we managed to make it just in time to see the Illamasqua masterclass with David Horne & team. It was really interesting & luckily well worth the queue! Learnt about the brands history, ideas & new products. Here’s a picture of my outfit for the day, as I’m really pleased with it, got to wear my new bowler hat and my Tatty Devine Bunting Necklace.

Afterwards, the plan was to pick up some discounted Essie & OPI nail polishes, I wanted to get my hands on The Muppets OPI collection! However, I’ve never seen madness quite like it, no queues, just massive crowds fight to get to merchandise & the tills! At one point of the OPI stand, you had to queue to look at the merchandise!!

So, unsurprisingly we escaped! On the way out I picked up a Red Clay Konjac Sponge after recommendations from both Kenneth Soh and Nic of Strawberry Blonde blog.

Inspired by the Illamasqua talk we ventured to Soho to see the new Illamasqua collection at the wonderful Beak Street store, embarrassingly arriving there at the same time as David and the team arrived back, making me look like an insane stalker fangirl…great! Anyway, very pleased to pick up Faux Pas Nail Polish, one of the new Rubber finish ones, review coming soon!

After a few more shops we visited Camellia Tea Rooms on the top balcony of Kingly Court, off Carnaby Street for warm scones & tea, I lived the Black Tea with Cinnamon!

Naturally a Liberty trip followed with an excited browse of their Christmas floor, they had the prettiest decorations and gifts.


After a few hours browsing: falling in love with the Boutique by Jaeger range, finding lots of lovelies in Anthropolgie and a few shoe shops we had a cupcake at Hummingbird Bakery in Soho. Heading home satisfied but weary and excited to try our new purchases!


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