Children in Need Special Editions

The annual Children in Need appeal happens on 18th November this year, as usual you’ll find your cute bear shaped things across places like Asda and Boots. But I’ve found a few quirky things have appeared this year, which is lovely to see, I would imagine these cute products will attract new interest to the good cause.

Children in Need Jessica Nail Polish £7.65 from Feel Unique
Nail Rock Nail Wraps for Children in Need from Boots
Pudsey Cake Mould from Lakeland £14.99

You’ll find a whole range of amazing Pudsey Bear bakeware in Lakeland, including the above cake mold, jam jars, pie flutes and cookie cutters. For the kids you will find a slightly irregular, but very charming Pudsey Bear Lego set for only £4 and Limited Edition Pudsey bears and clothing at the marvellous Build-a-Bear.

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