Jayne’s Folksy Wish List

As you may well know, I just love a good browse of some clever crafty shops. Folksy.com is my favourite place to do this, it’s like Etsy, buy much easier to navigate, as it’s UK focused and therefore you don’t get overwhelmed by choice like you do with the marvellous Etsy.

Here’s what’s on the top of my Folksy shopping wish list at the moment and a blatant hint to any spouse or family member who might be looking for gift ideas (or obvious choices) for me for Christmas. Teehee. Hopefully, everyone else might find this inspiring for shopping for someone you know.

I just love the Silky Prudence shop, such elegant knits! I’ve had my eye on this cute knitted neck tie in ages and it comes in a lovely range of colours.

Silky Prudence Betty Scarflette £24

I’ve had some earrings and a Poppy brooch from Wychbury before, from the shop Cakewalk in Ilkley (Yorkshire) but I recently lost the flower from my earrings and am therefore in desperate need of some replacements! These are currently available in red and purple.

Wychbuyr Lavender Earrings £8

Here’s another marvellous, biscuity cushion from Nikki McWilliams, I don’t really care which ones I own (ideally, at least one of each eventually) but thoughts I’d share with you, this retro Tunnocks Teacake cushion this time, cute or what?

Nikki McWilliams Tunnocks Teacake Cushion £28

I’ve also had my eye on the Dig for Victory dresses, they are all lovely, it’s difficult to choose. They are so reasonably priced for something handmade too and if you want custom made, they offer that too, for not very much more money. I think I’d like to try a 50s style one, but would like to try them on first really.

Dig For Victory Dress £95

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