Jayne’s Gift Guide for Geeks

Continuing on with my gift guide series, I thought I’d bring to the surface my geeky side, to bring you the best geeky gifts, courtesy of the marvellous site, Firebox. Firebox is my go to site for odd gifts, they are particularly good at novelty and geeky gifts. I would also like to add that I could probably do several versions of geek gifts, so I’ll just do a overview this time and may bring you some themed ones in the coming weeks.

I’m desperate for some of these retro, Lego storage boxes, you can get various sizes of them and also brick shaped ones in different shapes and sizes, which actually stack! Making this gift, both practical and uber geeky.

Lego Storage Heads from £15.99

This gift will cover two loves in one: Star Wars and Bakery! How cool is this silicone mould of Han Solo in Carbonite? It’d make the most amazing cakes or ice cubes, imagine a cake with silver frosting? Nice. P.S If you’ve never watched Star Wars, you’re missing out.

Han Solo in Carbonite Tray £9.99

To go with your Han Solo in Carbonite, metallic silver cakes that you’re going to be making, how about these awesomely retro Pac Man Oven Gloves? Retro, geek chic.

Pac Man Oven Gloves £9.99

Looking for another practical geek gift? There are loads of amazing geek iPhone covers about, but I just love these from Firebox, make your top of the range gadget look like it’s a retro icon instead.

IPhone Covers £12.99
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