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I thought I’d help out the lovely Lizzie of @ChicUniqueUK on Twitter, by doing a little feature about her website. Lizzie is a Mum from Blackpool (near where I grew up) and runs her own jewellery and accessories shop online. La Chic Unique has recently undergone a make over, so I thought, what better time to do a showcase of some of my favourite makes from Lizzie’s site.

This cute bow tie, is just what I’ve been looking for and will be mine on pay day I’m sure! It would look great worn as a necklace or over a shirt for a quirky take on the masculine tailoring trend.

Bow Tie £5.00

I’ve got this Scrabble ring and a necklace to go with it and they are one of my favourite accessories to wear. I know lots of places offer Scrabble jewellery, but La Chic Unique have added a pretty floral charm to the tile and the option to customise. Lizzie can offer a full bespoke service on all of her range, with very little expense.

Scrabble Ring £4.00

If you know me, you’ll know I have a thing for tea, cakes and tea shops. So this cute ceramic tea cup necklace is very me. Nice and simple too, to add just a touch of kitsch so a plain outfit.

Tea Cup Necklace £6.00

So if you’re looking for a new handmade, cute jewellery store, please check out Lizzie’s shop La Chic Unique, she’s a lovely lady and very helpful.

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2 thoughts on “Jayne’s Pick of La Chic Unique

  1. I have my eye on that collar by The Aviary too – so lovely! Did you see the necklace shaped like a Peter Pan colour that I featured on my blog recently?

    Great post.thanks. I recently discoved Cabbages & Roses in the new Harrogate Jigsaw branch – I like it (might have to wait for teh sale tho!).

    1. I’ll be popping over to your blog to check out this necklace you speak of, sounds good! LOVE Cabbages & Roses, I interned there for a month at the start of the year and used to work in Leeds Jigsaw, who used to stock the range.

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