Mary Portas for Clarks

Clarks shoes have always been a favourite of mine, they are comfortable, good quality and a fair price (you get what you pay for) Usually, as a younger Clarks fan, you go in and have to search for something wearble, but what you find it amazing. Over the years I’ve had lots of classic and vintage inspired shoes in pretty colours, they last really well are are so comfortable to wear.

If you’re yet to be converted to a Clarks fan, perhaps this sleek new collection from Mary Portas (Queen of Shops) will sway you? A small, perfectly formed collection of classic shoe shapes, in practical heel heights, quality fabrics and in a range of exciting colours, there is something for everyone for sure!

Here are my favourites.

I wouldn’t personally wear the last pair myself, but I thought they were a good example of nice colours and a practical style, they’d look great will a simple black dress or suit.

Also, if you’re shopping for boots at the moment, Clarks have a great selection presently, lots of choice and as mentioned, good value and long lasting.

Do you shop in Clarks?

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