Matt’s Movember Part One

So, as I’ve mentioned, in a previous blog, my husband, Matt is taking part in Movember this year. To document the whole occasion, we’ll be taking some regular photographs to demonstrate how he looks. Normally Matt sports a full beard and hasn’t been regularly clean shaven for over a year, so he’s currently complaining of a cold face, after clean shaving today.

Here’s the first photo, as taken and edited by myself. Showing before shaving and the stages to a clean shave. We thought we’d shoot with a moustache too, to see what he looked like, what do you think? We had a good giggle, especially after attempting to use lipbalm as a moustache wax for a vintage look, but it didn’t work very well.

If you’d like to donate to Matt for Movember, or to donate to someone else, you can do so via the Official Movember website.

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