Review: 17 Magnetized Nail Polish in Green

How excited am I to bring you this review?! I’ve been looking out to purchase this for ages as I was so intrigued by the blogs I’ve read about magnetic nail polish prior to the release of the affordable versions. I’m pleased to bring you this review, the week that the 17 Magnetized Nail Polishes have hit the shops, available at selected Boots stores and online, this one retails at £4.99, half the price of the Nails Inc version that’s been around a bit longer.

It was difficult to choose a shade, as they are all so lovely looking. Available in four dark metallic shades: Silver, Purple, Burgundy Red and Green. I really couldn’t decide, but in the end I went for the Green as it was a shade I didn’t have much of.

The bottle looks like a Nails Inc style bottle, which I was worried it would make it a chunky handle, that would be difficult to use for precise application, however, I was pleased to see that the magnet cap comes off to reveal a slimmer, easier to use brush handle, great idea!

The colour goes on in one coat to a nice result, but I decided to do two coats as I always find two coats allow for a neater finish. To get the magnet effect you need to hold the magnet over the polish whilst the polish is still quite wet, so you might find that you need to do the full process on each nail as you go, instead of painting all and going back around with the magnet. The 17 Magnetized Nail Polish magnet cap has a little ridge to allow you to balance the cap on your cuticle whilst it works its magic, as you have to hold it quite close, without touching the polishing and smudging it! I took a photo of the instructions for application, as given out instore, if you’re looking for it!

The end result is a beautiful metallic shade, with a black curved stripe pattern, which has a kind of holographic look to it, as the overall colours becomes quite multi-tonal. It’s a really nice effect, however, I must say it’s quite difficult to get a consistent pattern across all nails on your first attempt.

Have you tried a magnetic nail polish yet?

Which ones do you rate?

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3 thoughts on “Review: 17 Magnetized Nail Polish in Green

  1. The end result does look really interesting. I shall have a look at the colour selection next time in Boots. Thanks for the review.

    1. All the colours are nice, let me know what you go for!

  2. I love the effect, and the colour. I shall have to check this out.

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