Review: Barry M Foil Effects Metallic Silver Nail Paint

I’m so happy to be able to bring you this review, as it’s a product I’ve been excited to try, every since I featured it a month or so ago. I’ve been on the look out for it in Boots and Superdrug ever since. Finally, on a last minute trip to Superdrug, I was delighted to see that both the Gold and Silver shades of the new Barry M Foil Effect Nail Paint were in stock!

I really struggled to choose as I was intrigued by both, but at £3.99 each and thoughts of the poor hubby, who has already expressed his concern for the high number of nail polishes in my collection, I chose to go with just one and picked up the silver.

The idea behind this product is that it will produce a foil effect that has previously only been available in a salon manicure, referring to nail wraps such as Minx no doubt, the product that began the trend for metallic nails. Now, for a £3.99 product claiming to be comparable to a Minx manicure, you’ve got to either be super excited or super sceptical. I was excited, as Barry M have yet to let me know with their nail paint creations.

So, here’s the swatch you’ve been waiting for of the new Barry M Foil Effects Nail Paint in silver…

As you can see, it’s very metallic! No quite the same effect as Minx, as you still get the brush stroke texture that you would get from most Barry M Nail Paints. I applied this in two coats, as with just one coat its not quite opaque enough, two coats achieved the look that I was after, however, I would say that it seemed to be slower to dry than other Barry M Nail Paint and is another of these polishes that may seem dry, but will easily imprint or smudge if pressure is applied, so beware!

So is it worth £3.99? I would say yes! It’s a great effect, not quite as exciting as a Minx metallic manicure, but certainly a great value alternative. I’m now thinking about how nice this polish is going to look incorporated into some nail art! I’m thinking silver half moon manicure?

Have you tried the Barry M Foil Effects Nail Paint yet?

Which colour would you go for?

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5 thoughts on “Review: Barry M Foil Effects Metallic Silver Nail Paint

  1. bah, i am not going to lie: i am a bit disappointed it leaves some brushstrokes marks, i think i am going to stick to my silver from rimmel and give this one a pass. thank you for lovely review and photos xx miss you

    1. I’ll have to take a look at the Rimmel one! I’m going to try with a top coat on tonight, to see if that improves the look. I am enjoying it none the less. Hope to Tweet you soon!

  2. I had to choose too, boyfie and I chose Silver. I had the opposite though! I only needed one coat and it dried quickly! Probably could have benefited from a second though. I only painted it yesterday morning, added a w7 black crackle top coat and after my bath this morning, it is incredibly chipped!

  3. Thank you for this review, I was thinking of getting this nail paint but after hearing it leaves brush stroke marks, I think I’ll pass.

    1. Thanks for your comment Zoe. I’m still using this polish, works better with a top coat. I imagine there is another brand that will do a better job at metallic, but with this you get what you pay for. Glad I could help!

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