Review: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

So pleased to finally get the chance to try a BB Cream after reading so many reviews of buzz about the phenomenon. I managed to pick up a sample sachet of the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in a #bbswap, so I’m not bringing you my review of this.

I usually wear Mineral Foundation, either Liquid or Loose, so was interested to see how they compare, as I see that some Mineral Foundations can offer the same benefits that a BB Cream offers. I picked up a sachet is light, the consistency is like a moisturiser or light weight liquid foundation and it smells lovely and fresh, like most Garnier products. Here is it swatched on my hand.

When I first applied this to my hand, I was worried that it would be way too dark for me, as you can see against my skin tone, the Ganier BB Cream in Light is a nude shade, with pink undertones. I wasn’t sure it would match my skin tone.

For the purpose of this review, I thought I would be best to show a before and after photo, so below I ‘ve posted a photo without any make up on my face and then with the application of the Garnier BB Cream. I think this best represents what to expect from this BB Cream.

As you can see, my usual skin tone is very pale, but I do have some redness and dark circles around my eyes. The Garnier BB Cream applies very smoothly, like a moisturiser, it’s very easy to blend in and as you can see it does a decent job at covering redness and a moderate job of covering my darkness under my eyes. However, I really dislike the finish to this BB Cream, it leaves the skin very shiny, not in an attractive dewy way, but in a greasy looking wet look finish. It’s not for me at all, but some of you might like it. It felt fairly light weight, which is appealing, but the need for another product to reduce shine and improve coverage, in my opinion defeats the point of this product, which I was under the impression would be a all in one wonder cream. Considering the packaging advertises as being an ‘all-in-one’ I would have to disagree, I imagine there are not many people who would be happy going out looking this shiny?

The website, suggests using Garnier BB Cream as a primer or touch up product, but when I’m already using a primer that  I love and a foundation that doesn’t need touch ups, I don’t see that this product has a place in my life.

I actually think I look better without anything on my face than with this product on. What do you think? Do I need to give it another go, try it with a powder over the top? Or is it clearly not for me?

I’d be really interested in hearing your thoughts on BB Creams, which are the best?

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6 thoughts on “Review: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

  1. Jayne – excellent review – following on from our tweets last night i agree with you – this held so much promise but once on the skin its like my old foundation from back in the day mixed with washing up liquid – i will let you know how i get on with my quest for a suitable mineral foundation – have you done any reviews on liquid eyeliner yet? jo

    1. Thanks for the comment Jo. I can do a liquid eyeliner review if you like, my go to product is Barry M ones, I love the metallic blue one from there, desperate to try an Illamasqua one though.

      1. Never tried Barry M – am currently using Rimmel and it is far superier to pricier brands inc. guerlain although not perfect….PS i see you have put up a pic of lipstick queen – one of the best lipsticks i have ever used….

        1. Barry M is my favourite budget brand, lots of colour choices and nice quality, plus they don’t test on animals, which is an added bonus. Their nail polishes are my favourite. Desperate to try the Wine Sinner Lipstick Queen Lipstick, it’s beautiful.

  2. am very disappointed with this so called miracle cream????
    sadly the reason i bought ths product was to hide redness and blemishes which im having to a fight battle with anyway, actually got to the point where i was looking relatively ok with just a few spots and used this product and after a week BAM i have now a whole face covered in spots im gutted!!!! theres def oil in this product of some sort, because like what was said in the comments befor its oily on the skin i should of know really when i put it on but because of what it said on the packet i really fell for it:( so now having to go back to the start and using just water and will have to look 4another ……. would not recommend this product its just throwing money away and its not cheap in my veiw!!!!!

    1. I agree! I use Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, it does everything a BB cream would but much better quality. Check it out

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