Review: L’Occitane Hibiscus Hand Cream Free With Marie Claire

Thank you to the marvellous Makeup Savvy for pointing out that this freebie was due with Marie Claire magazine, I try to avoid buying magazines as I don’t like throwing them away and don’t have the space to store them, however, when there’s a good freebie, you can’t help but take a look no?

This month, free with Marie Claire you can take your pick of a number of limited edition packaged L’Occitane Hand Creams, the one I picked up is a Hibiscus Flower one and is in a very cute patterned tube, perfect hand bag sized too!

Cute isn’t it? The L’Occitane Hand Cream is a Shea Butter base with Sunflower Seed Oil, Rapeseed Oil and Coconut Oil. The scent comes from Hibiscus Flower Extract and Rosemary Leaf Extract. The texture is the usual Shea Butter based, white, thick base, but the oil content makes it feel lighter than other brands and helps it sink into the skin more.

I have no idea what Hibiscus Flower smells like, so not sure I can comment on that, but I certainly like the scent and would describe it as an orange sherbet floral scent, which is light and pleasant. The scent is also a lovely one for all sorts of people and therefore would make it a great gift.

Which one did you get? Which other magazine freebies did you get this month?

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1 thought on “Review: L’Occitane Hibiscus Hand Cream Free With Marie Claire

  1. I got the plain tube one with my issue. It’s kinda weird. It’s kinda cool if you spill a bit/squeeze out too much because you can pick up the entire bit! Which is weird, but I like it. It smells so strong too. I like the acrylic tube packaging. Shame it was their LAST copy, would have loved to try other ones!

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