Review: Sleek Pout Paints in Pin Up, Minx & Milkshake

So pleased to finally get to try the recent release, Sleek Pout Paints that have been so popular with all you other lovely bloggers. I managed to pick up Minx and Milkshake in a #bbswap and purchased Pin Up on the recommendation of Ms Red, as an ideal shade for mixing.

The Sleek Pout Paints are advertised as lip stains, and as the name describes, the texture and pigmentation are very paint like. Ideal for mixing, if you buy a few of these, they are ideal for mixing to create bespoke shades. Retailing at Superdrug for only £4.99 they work out as a great value purchase. Here they are swatched on my arm: Minx, Milkshake and Pin Up.

You only need the tiniest amount of the Sleek Pout Paint to cover your lips, you can apply the paler colours to a gentle effect by applying with a finger (although I don’t recommend doing this with dark shades as they stain!) however for the strongest colour application and precise lines, you’re best using a brush.

Here are the colours on my lips for you to see…

This one is Minx, it’s a nude shade with pink undertones, I don’t like it on me on its own, but I think it would look great on someone with a darker complexion or a tan. This shade will be very useful for mixing with other shades though.

This is Milkshake, it’s a rose petal pink, very useful for daytime wear and very pretty. I think it suits my paler complexion, but it would also work for lots of other skin tones too.

This one is Pin Up, it’s a classic primary colour red with a gorgeous sheen. Amazing glamorous colour for a retro pout. This also works on its own very well, but would be more appropriate for night time wear as it’s very over the top and vibrant. Lovely for someone looking to achieve a vintage look.

As mentioned, you can mix these beautifully for unlimited colour combinations, you could mix them on a palette or straight on your lips as I did. This is Pin Up with Minx layered on top and blended. I love the sheen that Pin Up brings and Minx tones it all down to make it a very wearable pink.

Finally, this is what it looks like when you layer Milkshake over Pin Up and Minx. Again, you tone down the red and make it a more wearable shade.

If you’re interested, my base make up is from Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, I’m wearing Ivory Loose Mineral Foundation and the Mineral Primer. My blusher is Topshop Cream Blusher in Butterscotch.

What do you think of Sleek Pout Paints? What colour combinations do you love?

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