Review: Vivo Just Peachy Lipgloss & Sweet Peach Blush

Thought I’d combine two Peachy Vivo shades into one review this time. Vivo’s Just Peachy Lipgloss and Sweet Peach Blusher and Highlighter Duo. As you’re probably aware already, Vivo is a new affordable make up line that is available exclusive to Tesco.

Vivo Just Peachy Shimmer and Shine Lipgloss, does exactly what it says on the tin. A coral, peach, sheer lipgloss with flecks of shimmery golden sparkle, this is a lovely gloss for day or night, great on it’s own or over another colour.

I had issues with the Lipstick packaging from Vivo, but with the Lipgloss, I really love the choice of a chunky tube, it’s makes it stand out and has more of a luxury look than some of the other products. The applicator is your usually sponge applicator, but a flatter shape.

Here’s the product on my lips, as you can see there is a subtle colour and shimmer, ideal for everyday use. I also am pleased to report, that feels good on your lips, naturally it’s sticky like most lipglosses, but you can’t really complain about that for the price. A positive thing about the gloss, is that is it peach scented, which is a lovely touch!

N.B I’m not generally a lipgloss fan, so it’s difficult not to complain about the negative sides of lipgloss in general.

Here’s another swatch of the Vivo Just Peachy lipgloss, this time on my hand, so you can see the colour a little more.

To compliment this peachy lipgloss, let me introduce, my favourite Vivo product so far, the Sweet Peach Blush with Highlighter Duo. I’m usually a classic rose pink lady for a blusher, so it was great to be able to play with a different shade of blush.

You’ve got to love a product that does two things in one, this duo features a soft pink, shimmery highlighter and a matte peach blush shade, you can use them swirled together or separately.

As you can see it gives a lovely fresh glow. Just so you know, I’m also wearing Vivo Highlighter and Vivo Lipstick in Coral Flair here to complete the look. I really like the Vivo Sweet Peach Blush with Highlighter Duo, I find the shade similar to Benefit’s Georgia Powder and is a great everyday shade. I would definitely use this one again. The only thing I would say about it, is that it’s not as pigmented as blushes that I’m used to, but again, you’re getting what you pay for, so I’ll let them off!

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