The Search for the Perfect Peter Pan Collar

One of my current fashion obsessions are Peter Pan collars, I’m desperate to have them on every item of clothing, but for some bizarre reason I’m finding it really difficult to find ones that are amazing. So I thought I’d spend a bit of time scouring the internet and post up the best pieces here for any other Peter Pan collar enthusiasts out there who are having similar problems!

I recently posted on Twitter that I was struggling to find Peter Pan collars and one of the sites I was lead to was a sweet, creative, handmade brand called The Aviary, who make the cutest Peter Pan collars that you can add to any outfit, like a necklace. I’m just waiting to find out prices and options so I can possibly make a purchase. This is my favourite one.

Butterfly Peter Pan Collar from The Aviary

One of the fashion brands who I associate with Peter Pan Collars is Cabbages and Roses, they always have something with a Peter Pan collar and are always beautiful fabrics and colours. Amazing brand, if you haven’t come across them already, I urge you to check them out! They also do homewares, you can find Cabbages in selected Jigsaw stores and in their own stores in London.

Cabbages and Roses Peter Pan Collar Dress

Boutique by Jaeger have picked up on the marvellous Peter Pan Collar this season, there are a few things on my wishlist. Including this ribbed jumper with detachable collar with pleated details, which I spotted on Tulisa on the X Factor at the weekend, which was a surprise.

Boutique by Jaeger Sweater

Right, so considering how cute Peter Pan Collars are, why am I finding it so difficult to find one on the high street, in a shop I can afford?

Which Peter Pan Collar items have you spotted?


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4 thoughts on “The Search for the Perfect Peter Pan Collar

  1. That butterfly collar is just too cute! Love it.

    1. So, so nice! I’ll be definitely purchasing on Pay Day! Tweet them @wearetheaviary I lovely brand.

  2. Both of these are really nice. The perfect PPC has to be absolutely symmetrical and must not be too narrow. The curvature at the front has to be ‘just right’.The proportions of the butterfly collar are just about right! Is the butterfly detachable?

    1. Aren’t they cute? The butterflies are detachable yes, very pretty.

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