An Interview with Hannah Zakari

Many thanks, to Rachael owner of Hannah Zakari for sponsoring my Blog Birthday competition by donating a prize, I thought it would be nice to bring you a little insight into this great, independent business, so I asked Rachael (Hannah Zakari!) a few things….
Q: I’m very disappointed that Hannah Zakari isn’t a real person, please can you explain where the name comes from?
A: Haha, so many people ask for Hannah that I have seriously considered changing my name!  The name comes from the Japanese ‘hanazakari’ which means blossoming or blooming, as I’m a huge Japan fan it was nice to get inspiration from there for the name of the shop.

Q: Why did you decide to set up Hannah Zakari?

A: I’ve always been crafty and creative and I think it was kind of inevitable that I would end up in a job like this. The final push to start my own business came when I moved cities and couldn’t find a job I liked. I was working in a jewellery shop and seemed to spend most of my time fixing broken jewellery for other people, when I’d much rather be making things for myself.
That day I went home and talked it over with John (my husband who also works at HZ now), and Hannah Zakari was born! It took about 4 months from that point to set up the website and get my collection together and things have been growing ever since.

Q: Who are Hannah Zakari’s style icons?

A: I like to think that HZ customers are their own style icons!

Q: What are you Top 3 Favourite items in the shop at the moment?

A: Oh gosh, it’s hard to choose just 3, but if you’re twisting my arm…
I rarely have these earrings off, they go with everything http://www.hannahzakari.co.uk/products/silver_tiny_skull_earrings
I’m such a big fan of Jennifer Loiselle’s work, and this is my favourite item from her current collectionhttp://www.hannahzakari.co.uk/products/celeste_necklace/purplesapphire
And this bag from one of our latest designers, Little Odd Forest, is too cute not to mention! Which isn’t online yet, but will be arriving very soon!
Q: What does the future hold for Hannah Zakari?

A: Well, my biggest dream is to open HZ in Japan so I have every excuse I need to travel there regularly, but that’s long term planning. In the next year or two (or three) I’d like to see HZ open another shop and grow the website, I’d love it to be like the indie ASOS!
Many Thanks for your time & support Rachael!
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