Competition: Win Lime Crime Lipstick in Centrifuschia

Ok, so if you haven’t heard already on the 24th November, my blog will be two years old and to celebrate I’m planning on throwing a few giveaways. My first competition is to win a brand new Lime Crime Lipstick in Centrifuschia, this is my favourite lipstick and is the shade I wore for my wedding last year. You can read my blog review here.

Competition is open to UK residents only and to qualify all you need to do is to leave me a blog comment telling me why you think you should win it. Be sure to include your Twitter name or email address so I can contact you if you win!

The best comment will win and the winner will be announced the last week of November, so you will receive your prize in time for Christmas! For an extra entry, you can tweet a link to the competition, with the hashtag #jayneskitschen

Entries close at the end of 24th November. Prize has been purchased by myself, so this is not a sponsored competition.

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15 thoughts on “Competition: Win Lime Crime Lipstick in Centrifuschia

  1. Wowee, awesome giveaway, and an awesome choice of wedding lipstick!
    I think I should win because, with xmas rapidly approaching, there’s no way I’m going to be able to treat myself to anything so beautiful, and I could really do with a big bright winter pick-me-up 😉

  2. Ohhh I’ve just looked at your review of this (& the lighter shade) and it looks like the perfect fuchsia (I can never spell that word). I must admit I’d never have been brave enough to try it if I’d seen it in a shop, but it’s beautiful on you and looks very wearable. I want it, badly. I am so weary that I can’t be more creative than that today. Ah that’s crap… ok I’ll try…

    I think wearing Lime Crime Centrifuschia would make my heart dance, brighten a grey morning (& my new sparkly grey sweater) and make others around me smile! 😀

    *totters off to tweet about it*

    Nic xx

  3. I should win because I have a fabulous wedding to attend in January, and this is THE perfect shade to match the dress I shall be wearing. A fitted and sleek pink dress, with high heels, seamed stockings and THAT lipstick would be the perfect combination 🙂

    I am @LovelyLollyB on Twitter and will go tweet the hashtag now 🙂

    Thanks for a super super giveaway! xxx

  4. Hi Jayne, I dont usually enter giveaways but this one is just too sparkley gorgeous to resist! I think I should win because you are a huge inspiration to me, I love your style, your blog and your tumblr and I would love to try out the same products as you.

    I think its lovely that you’re doing an giveaway becuse you genuinly love a product and want to share it with your readers, its much sweeter thast all the bloggers/youtubers who get send mountains of free stuff to give away that dont reflect the style of post’s or videos that they do. You get a glittering, star (or lippie) for this one!

    Much Love and beautiful wishes


    1. This comment is very sweet, thanks so much, feel free to tweet me or email me if you have any other feedback or if you have a feature request!

  5. I’d love to win this because the bright colour would bring me out of the blues I’ve sunk into recently.


    Ms Red


  6. This is a cool Giveaway! x
    I think I should Win this Because No one Ever gets me Xmas Presents 🙁 Lol! No actually they dont!
    ReTweeting For you Now x

  7. Jayne- I don’t qualify to win, but I have a darling friend who I consider a sister, and who recently moved from the US to the UK to live with her now husband. She is having a rough time with the immigration process, getting grief from her family she left behind here, and seems a bit miserable at demeaning administration job she has acquired that wastes her talent as a writer and artist.
    I’ve always adored Jessica for taking risks in fashion and make-up outside the status quo.
    I believe such a pretty lipstick would bring some color to her otherwise drab and stress-ridden existence. I have her information.
    It’s super sweet of you to have a giveaway.
    I throughly enjoy your site as well. I’m sure I’ll be visiting it frequently.

    cheers *xo

    1. Thanks for your comment, sorry to hear your friend is having a bad time. Britain can do that to a girl! Virtual hugs to all!

  8. Ooooohh this colour looks AMAZING! I love it. Really going to go and check out this brand.

    I am very much impressed that you wore this on your wedding day. I think brides so often ware toned down make up on their wedding days so it is very inspiring that you wore something so bold and brilliant!

    I’ve just got into wearing lipstick and as yet am missing a pink in my very small collection! xxx

  9. I think I should win this because, I am still trying to find out what’s ‘me’ and that colour you have chosen is absolutely perfect, it will match my dress I have brought for my first Christmas party. Also it will make my naurally Rosie cheeks not look so Rosie in the winter because people will be looking at my lips! Like me, you are a very giving person and I know you will make the right choice 🙂 x

  10. I think i deserve it because since the age of 15 iv really been interested in makeup and im only 18 now and starting to develop my skills further, and building my makeup kit i think this would be a great edition. Iv been a fan of lime crime for ages and would love to get the new collection! xo

  11. A Louboutin loving, mocha drinking, perky, cheerful lady seeking to attain a hot pink pout! Will be worn with loads of attitude, a navy blazer & hot pink pumps…

    A girl who likes cupcakes, cappuccino & everything that glitters xo

  12. p.s This shade brings Coco Chanel’s quote to mind ”A girl should be two things: classy & fabulous’. Centrifuschia would make me just that xo

  13. I’m 15 years old and I love Lime Crime makeup, but I don’t have enough money to be able to afford a product from the brand plus the shipping. I would really like to win this lipstick so I could wear it to parties and also to use it in a photo shoot I’m doing for my GCSE coursework at school, which has a Marie Antoinette theme (candy-coloured and luxurious, like the film by Sofia Coppola!). This lippie would be perfect for this! (And, of course, I would like to win just because I adore the colour pink – the brighter, the better! 😀 ) Lastly, I love your blog Jayne (très chic, oui?) so merci beaucoup for running this competition and considering my entry for it! Much love and sunshine, Phoebe x

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