Review: Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Eyeshadows in Lumi & Goldilux

This week, I really felt like I deserved a frivolous treat, I’ve had my eye on Sugarpill Make Up for a long time and would love the Sweet Heart Palette for Christmas. So, after a lot of twitter chat, the lovely Lily of Beauty’s Bad Habit, helped me pick two shades of the Sugarpill Chromalust Loos Eyeshadow in Lumi & Goldilux. I picked up these pretty things from the marvellous website Love Makeup, which sell a wide range of professional quality make up products.

So, here comes my review, due to excitement, I’ve not had chance to swatch or experiment properly, so I’ll be featuring the products in further blogs in the coming weeks. First of, check out how beautiful the packaging is! Punk rock and girly, pink, black, blue, lace, hearts and kittens feature, what’s not to love? The outer packaging is really high quality too, would make an amazing gift!

So the two colours I went for were Lumi (as recommended by Lily of Beauty Bad Habit, you can see her review here) and Goldilux. I chose these as I thought this would be the most versatile and wearable shades from the selection on Love Makeup.

The tubs that contain the product are quite simple, no sifter as with some other loose eye shadow products, but you get a lot in your little clear plastic pot. The lid is a simple black screw on top with a beautiful Sugarpill logo on top. Pictured is the intense gold sparkle of Goldilux.

My photo of the Lumi pot didn’t do it justice, so I’m not sharing that with you! If you pop over to Lily’s blog you’ll see a fabulous photo, which I don’t think I can compete with, so click the link above to see Lily’s pictures of Lumi.

Ok, this next photo looks a bit mental, but I thought this was the quickest way to show you the colours on the skin, I’ve applied these dry with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, I’ll be experimenting with applications in the coming week to get the best from these colours.

Left is Lumi, it’s a super shimmery, holographic sparkle shadow, which has a bluey white base and lots of multi-tonal glitter in it, really reflective and you just can’t do this justice in a photo. To me, it’s the colour of fake snow in the tub, it’s magical and I absolutely love it. Think it would work well as a highlighter and Lily (Beauty’s Bad Habit) recommends layering it over darker shades to add a new element to a shade.

Right is Goldilux, a ridiculously bright gold sparkle, again, not the best photo. I really need to do some natural light shots for you. It’s a finely milled glitter, so doesn’t look at all tacky.

Here are some more photos for you of the product on the eyes. Again the colours are much stronger in reality, these were taken with a flash. I’ll be reshooting once I take the time to do a proper look!

The Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Eyeshadows retail at only £8.25 on Love Make Up, who also stock the Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadows, Quads and False Lashes. My order arrived very quickly and very well packed. Would recommend.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Eyeshadows in Lumi & Goldilux

  1. Amazing colours! Love Sugarpill!!!

    1. Which colour should I try next? I’m impressed with what I’ve tried so far!

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