The Return of the Paul & Joe Cat Lipstick for Spring 2012

If you have’t already discovered the beautiful world of Paul & Joe Beauty, you are seriously missing out. An amazing range of vintage inspired make up in the cutest floral printed packaging and with a number of immense limited editions, you just have to keep an eye on this brand.

One of the Paul & Joe pieces to have caught a lot of attention, were the Paul & Joe Beauty Limited Edition cat carved lipsticks, that were just too cute to use, here are they are…

Paul & Joe Cat Lipsticks from 2011

For Spring 2012, the cat lipsticks will be returning to Paul & Joe, but this time with a charming makeover, the cute kitty now features a top hat at a jaunty angle and a bow tie! I don’t know what they were thinking, it seems very odd, but isn’t amazing?!

New & Improved Cat Lipstick for Spring 2012

How much do you love the new look Paul & Joe cat lipstick? Could you bear smooshing his little face for the benefit of pretty colours on your lips? Or would you be purchasing, like me, purely for ornamental purposes?!

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5 thoughts on “The Return of the Paul & Joe Cat Lipstick for Spring 2012

  1. Oh gosh, that funny little hat!
    I only bought my first Paul & Joe lipstick along with a nail polish a couple of months back, having admired their fabulousness from afar for a long while now! The quality and colour are great so I love it.
    I really don’t know if I could bare to use one of these- what a dilemma!

    Florrie x

    1. It’s so funny! I love Paul & Joe things, I have my eye on pretty much the entire Christmas collection, they’ve created some yummy colours for the gift collection. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Oh my goodness, absolutely love the little bow tie and top hat. Sooooo cute.

    1. Hehe! I’m wondering if there might be a magician top hat theme going on with that matte black casing, how cool would that be?!

  3. love these – sooo cute! However I wouldn’t want to spoil them!

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