The Satchel Wishlist

You know I’ve been after a Satchel for ages? Well, I still don’t have one, but I have spent an awful lot of time looking at them, so thought some of you would enjoy my pick of the best satchels that I’ve found.

Zatchel Satchels

I originally stumbled upon Zatchel on a trip to Libery in London. The range is amazing, they offer lots of great plain colours, metallics, patterns and lots of different sizes and shapes. A range that I’m sure will grow from the looks of their success so far. There are so many nice ones on their site, but I think the metallic star print ones are my favourites!

Cambridge Satchel Company

For the classic, original satchel, you need to go to the Cambridge Satchel Company. This brand has zoomed to the height of popularity in the past year. Amazing quality leather satchels that will last you a life time! To make the most out of this timeless satchel, you need to pick a classic, elegant colour and make it your own by customising with a monogram. That is what I would want.

Ji Ji Kiki Fox Satchel

This one is on my Christmas list, because it’s mega cute, kitsch and super affordable. I have a sneaky suspension that it might be hidden at the bottom of a certain gentleman wardrobe for me…

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