Illustrated Printed Dresses by Poppy

I’m so pleased that I’ve stumbled upon this brand, I found them because they followed me on Twitter and tweeted me to say hi! How great is Twitter? Anyway, Poppy originally made childrens dresses, knitwear and accessories, beautifully illustrated with the characters, Poppy and her dog, Fred. Each season the prints tell a story with these characters and the childrens dresses come with a story book, how cute is that?

Their prints are printed on top quality 100% cotton fabric, which is safe for babies and children and printed in Lancaster (which happens to be where I grew up!)   and created into dresses in the North East. Poppy’s knitwear is knitted by a family business in the Himalayas, how amazing is that?

Check out how cute the Childrens Wear is!

As soon as I saw the Children’s clothes I was in love, so when I spotted that they now offer a small range of adults dresses, I squealed with delight. 100% Cotton which is easy to wash and comfortable to wear, designs based on vintage patterns that are flattering and lengths that are attractive for so many different people. I’m totally in love.

These photos don’t do the dresses justice, for a proper look you have to pop over to the website and use the magnifying glass tool to take a closer look at the attention to detail and beautifully illustrated prints. I’m 100% in love and don’t know how I’m going to choose which one to buy first!

What do you think? Which is your favourite?

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