My First Try of MAC Cosmetics Ever

Can you believe that I have never, ever owned anything from MAC Cosmetics until this month? Last weekend, my parents came to visit and I got an early Christmas present from Mum in the form of a MAC Cosmetics Dazzlesphere Smoky Blue Ornament, which contains four mini sized, limited edition Crushed Metallic Pigments in: Winter Sky, Dark Moon, White as Snow and Silver Sleet.

First off, how amazing is the gift wrapping? So impressive and would be a fantastic gifts for any make up fans in your life.

Here’s what was inside…

The MAC Dazzlesphere contains two stacks on pots, which screw on top of each, with a MAC branded lid for the top one.  Personally, I’m not a fan of these pots, because you unscrew, and all there is to stop the product escaping is a  flimsy, tricky to remove plastic film. No sifter like you might have with other loose products. However, the following points redeem the product fully.

The colours are extremely metallic and sparkly, at first I was worried that they would be too over the top for me. Since I’m not a party girl and don’t often go anywhere in the evening, I wasn’t sure how useful these shades would be. Here’s the low down on the shades in this set.

White as Snow is a shimmery white, with tiny particles of silver and iridescent glitter. Silver Sleet is what you expect, an intense solid metallic silver. Dark Moon is a black pigment with fine iridescent glitter, the ultimate smoky eyes black in my opinion. Dark Moon is a delicious dark purple pigment with iridescent glitter, the swatch on the website is much more blue and looks completely wrong to me.

 Really gorgeous eyeshadow pigments aren’t they? I don’t know which one I like the most yet, they are all pretty impressive. Super strong colours, very little is required to get the colour you want, plus you can mix & build them up for customized coverage and colours. Here are some swatches on my arm.

I used the MAC pigments for the first time today, for my outing to London with the husband. I was worried that they’d be over the top, so to experiment I used a tip I picked up from a talk I attended at Olympia Beauty by Illamasqua’s David Horne, who advised applying eye make up first, so as any errors or mess can be tidied up easily, without having to start over. This worked a treat, as I found that I got glitter everywhere! But once I’ve dusted off and applied my foundation and blended the eyes lots I was very pleased with the look I created, I used all the colour except for the purple.

What do you think?

I’m pleased to say that the eyeshadow stayed looking vibrant all day without any primer, so I’m thoroughly impressed! What should I try next?

What was the first MAC Cosmetics product that you tried?

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  1. This look is stunning – like an ice queen!

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