Delicious Lip Balms from CutECOsmetics

I stumbled upon this new beauty shop this week, CutECOsmetics. An online webshop selling vegan, eco, cruelty free and organic beauty products. The site really caught my eye with the vast and quirky lip balm collection, lots of brands that I’ve not seen before and some fabulous flavours.

I got two things, a four pack of Brew lip balms from American vegan, cruelty free brand Crazy Rumours and one of the iconic EOS spherical lip balms, which I’ve heard so much about but never seen a stockist in the UK before.

First off, this is the cutesy Crazy Rumours, Brew collection, the box is super cute and looks very handmade and eco. I just love the graphics too.

This set contains four flavours: Orange Bergamot, Apple Spice, Peppermint Lemongrass and Spiced Chai. They are certified vegan and cruelty free and made of 100% all natural ingredients, many of the ingredients are also listed as organic. Jojoba Oil, Oil Oil and Shea Butter provide moisture.

They are all traditional screw up lip balms in very cute packaging. Each scent is very herbal, spicy and tea like. My favourite scents at the moment are the Orange Bergamot and Peppermint Lemongrass. But really, they are all delicious.

My very favourite item from CutECOsmetics though, is this gorgeous Sweet Mint eos lip balm. I’ve seen so many great things about these balms and the packaging is so unusual. It’s 95% organic and 100% natural, again using Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil as its main ingredients.

I was very sceptical about how this was going to work, as it’s such a strange shape I didn’t think it would be easy to apply. However, it smooths on really well and I feel that the shape really helps to massage your lips. The mint scent comes from real mint oils, which tingle on application. Really lovely and a really quirky addition to your handbag.

Have you tried any of these brands? What do you think?

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