How to Chill Out: Reflexology

As some of you will be aware, I’ve been struggling with stress and mood swings lately, among other things. So I’ve been researching methods to help me relax and chill out. After tweeting for suggestions a number of tweets came back suggesting Reflexology, it was the most popular choice so I book a therapist to come to my house this morning.

I didn’t know much about Reflexology, just about how it’s a massage for your feet, using particular pressure points to effect other aspects of your body and mind. For example, the arch represents the spine of the body. Now, I know some of you will think this too, I don’t want some stranger massaging my feet, that is just weird. I hate feet. But I had so many recommendations I was open to giving it a go.

I booked in with local therapist Liz Evans who trained in Japan, specialising in Shiatsu and Reflexology. The treatment started by taking a thorough medical history, with questions about my health, medication and lifestyle. These questions helped Liz to identify what I needed help with and where to focus her energies.

I was then invited to take a seat in what looks like a giant sun lounger, with an elasticated seat, it felt like sitting in a hammock.

Liz, covered my with a blanket an placed my feet on a pillow, this alone was super comfortable and relaxing. After having my feet cleaned with lavender oil (a natural anti-bacterial) Liz tipped up the chair in to the position you can see above. Very odd feeling, but once the relaxing music was on and Liz started her work I soon got used to it.

I didn’t realise how tense my body was until about twenty minutes into the treatment, when I could feel each joint in turn twitching and relaxing, very odd feeling, but felt so good! The massaging of the feet is a firm massage with oils using a set rhythmn and pattern, concentrating on different pressure points in turn. I was expecting Liz to do one foot then the other, but actually, it was an alternating treatment, which also included sections of both feet at the same time.

The treatment lasted an hour and at the end, Liz gave me plenty of time to wake up and ease myself out of the chair. I have honestly never felt so relaxed both in body and mind. Gosh I sound like such a hippy. I can 100% recommend reflexology and fully intend on booking another treatment soon, as a course will make more difference than a one off.

I feel so happy, my mood is boosted and I feel motivated and full of energy. If you like in Middlesex or Surrey I can highly recommend Liz, you can visit Liz Evans site, Liz Evans Reflexology and Shiatsu.


Have you tried Reflexology? What do you do to chill out?

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