Interview: Bink from Pearls & Swine

I’m pleased to be able to bring you another interview from an inspirational lady. Pearls & Swine produce dramatic, vintage inspired accessories such as fascinators, eye patches and hats. Popular amongst the cabaret and burlesque scene, Bink has created a brand that is fun, original and beautiful. I’ve asked Bink to reveal more about her fabulous work.

How did Pearls & Swine begin? Why?

Pearls & Swine evolved through my love of going clubbing and dressing up. I spent every spare moment planning my outfits and creating things to wear. And then over a few years I decided to try selling what i made, people seemed to like it. I didn’t just jump in, I had a couple business names that I worked under until I found the right name for my business, the name which summed me up. I have learnt my craft by just doing it, I get a bee in my bonnet (so to speak) and then i set about bringing the vague idea into reality….

ร‚ย You have a distinct look, but where do you get your inspiration from?

I was exposed to lots of old Hollywood movies as a child, i loved the glamour, the pretty ladies and what they wore! I wanted to be a fabulous salon girl when I grew up…. I think this seed grew into what you see now. My inspiration comes from so many sources that it would be hard to pin point any one thing, it’s a huge mixing pot of bright colours that clash, glitter, film, music, pretty things, creepy things, passion, allowing myself the freedom to create and from each creation comes the next idea. I am slowly but surely changing in my tastes and am surprised to find myself drawn to more subtle colours, lace and increasingly detailed work.

ร‚ย Who are your style icons & why?

My style icons aren’t celebrities, they are my friends, or people who walk down the street wearing something that draws attention to them, drag queens, plus sized ladies who don’t hide in the shadows, people with total confidence! These are the people who make me think and feel, they inspire me to believe in a world beyond the normal, ordinary and the dull! I believe that everybody can be a style icon.

What are your current favourite Pearls & Swine pieces?

My favourite Pearls & Swine creation is generally the item i am creating, once it is made (or expressed as a reality) i am smitten with the next idea that is wanting to be created. I get lots of strange requests and commissions which I adore! The stranger and more elaborate the better! I have made many accessories for brides who want something different, I suspect it’s hard to be outdone at your own wedding if you turn up in a Pearls & Swine accessory! ๐Ÿ™‚ The Giant Cherries Alice Band Fascinator has captured the imagination of many people and my half masks are still something I love to make as they are different from what everyone else is making. I do take pride in creating high quality work which is original, quirky and unique.

What are does the future hold for your brand? Hopes & Dreams?

I think my dreams are quite simple and small, i just want to keep growing slowly. I think i am on a quest, like all creatives i am looking for the Holy Grail of Perfection! As humans we strive for more and better, i think the journey is the exciting bit. I do LOVE creating one off pieces best so in an ideal world i would love to just do bespoke, i have a vast range of accessories which i have made over the past few years, my catalogue is far bigger than i know what do with, my range starts from the head and ends at the foot so that has given me lots of different areas to cover! I hope to collaborate more with high fashion photographers, quirky clothing designers and stylists who want to decorate their shoots with Pearls & Swine.

Thank you to Bink for giving me the chance to interview her. You can find out more about Pearls & Swine on their Facebook Page and Official Website.

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