Nail Rock Reveal Designer Lines with Eye Rock

So, we’re all familiar with Nail Rock, who created the well love nail wraps that you can pick up in Boots, ASOS and Topshop. Last year, Nail Rock launched their first range of Eye Rock products, using Swarovski crystals. This year, Eye Rock bring us a range of Designer inspired liner transfers.

The new range of Eye Rock is available on ASOS for £7 a pack. Apparently all you have to do to apply, is to press on to dry, oil free lids. I’m sceptical. Has anyone tried these yet?

This set is my favourite and is almost identical to the Dior Velvet Eye transfers that were available last year, the Dior Ready to Wear Liners retailed for £47, so the Eye Rock are definitely a more realistic option for many.

Eye Rock also features these jazzy lace effect transfers, which would be great in place of elaborate eyeshadow. If they work as well as I would hope, you wouldn’t need much more attention to your eye make up, just a nice slick of mascara and some groomed brows.

If you are not so adventurous, you could opt for this set of classic liners, featuring flicks of different finishes. I really like the look of the double flicks.

So, has anyone tried theses beauties? Are they as good as they look?

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