Sparkling New Beauty E-Shop Launches

I’ve just spotted this beautiful new beauty e-shop, Sparkling or Still, created by an experienced Beauty PR and Beauty Graphic Designer. Sparkling or Still has a small but perfectly formed range at the moment, focused on luxury, eco-friendly, natural type of brands. A number of the brands are online exclusives to Sparkling or Still.

Here are my pick of the most exciting looking products for this stunning new web shop, seriously, check it out!

Nature Girl is a natural, organic, cruelty free beauty range with fun, graffiti style packaging. Many of the ingredients are grown on a small family run farm. How cute is that?

I’m absolutely in love with this next item, I’ve never seen anything like it before. The space age packaging is eye catching and intriguing and each box artwork is designed by a different up  and coming artist, who gains a share of the profits. You’d never guess that this modern, sleek gadget is in fact a Nail Pen! I really, really want to try one of these, have you tried them ever? The brand is called LAQU&CO, have you come across it before?

You can visit the Sparkling or Still Website here.

Let me know what you think, have you tried any of the product before?

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