Truly Lush Valentines Gifts

Having worked for Lush, when I first moved to Leeds, I like to think I have quite a lot of knowledge of the brand. Due to my history as a Lush fan and employee, I’ve avoided Lush for the last few years because I find the staff approach too over the top and fake sometimes, which really frustrates me. However, on a recent trip to Brighton, we popped in to have a browse, because I wanted a Bubble Bar and I was impressed by how calm the sales assistants were, they gave me enough information without bombarding me.

So, I’m pleased to announce that I have officially returned as a Lush Fan and upon seeing their Valentines offerings, my excitement for the brand has been restored. Check out these beauties, exclusive to Valentines Day!

The Magic Mushroom Bubblebar is mega cute, scented with Vanilla and Strawberry you can’t go wrong! This one also contains Bergamot Oil which is known for it’s mood uplifting properties and Tonka and Jasmine which are aphrodisiacs. Perfection.

A new Lip Tint from Lush, entitled A Million Kisses is another beauty! Slick this balm on for a rose petal scented pout and a ruby red tint. This Lip Tint also contains Icing Sugar, which I thought was a bit random, but a sweet touch!

The best bit though, is that you can get your gift wrapped like this….

These knot wraps are now a key feature of Lush gifts, an eco friendly way to wrap your gifts. The Love Bug knot wrap is just the cutest. I’ll have my fingers crossed that the Hubby sees this and picks on up for me!

Are you a Lush fan? What do you think of the Valentines range?

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