Cushions Good Enough to Eat

So I’ve featured these beauties many times before, but I just squealed with delight when I spotted some of the new designs for 2012. Nikki McWilliams has been on the crafter radar for quite sometime, I first spotted her creations on Folksy. Nikki is a Dundee based designer and maker who has exhibited across the UK and frequently featured in the press. Well known for her iconic Tunnocks Teacake, Custard Cream and Bourbon shaped cushions, the latest addition to Nikki’s portoflio of delicious cushions are absolutely spot on!

The legendary Party Ring in squishy, delicious cushion form.

The heart warming Jammy Dodger recreated as an adorable cushion.

And finally, the last of the new biscuits, the sweet Pink Wafer biscuit as a stylish cushion.

What do you think? Would you have them in your house, which biscuit makes the best cushion?

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6 thoughts on “Cushions Good Enough to Eat

  1. These are absolutely amazing, I want them all!
    I love each of them, but I think the Jammie Dodger ones have to be my favourite.
    Luckily the fiance loves biscuits so maybe I can convince him to get me some haha

    1. Sadly, I already have a few cushions for our sofa, or I’d have everyone of Nikki’s designs. We have turquoise cushions with sausage dogs on. 🙂 Thanks for the comment, you are officially my favourite commenter now.

      1. Your cushions sound amazing! I’m terrible because I don’t actually need anymore but I know I’d still buy them if they were cute haha

        Aww thank you!

  2. I love the jammy dodger and the pink wafer ones!! OMG yumm I would totally have them in my room!

  3. Those are super cute! Esp love the pink wafer

    Nic x

  4. Fantastic Designs by Jammie Dodger, I would love to buy these Cushions for my Sofa.I was looking for something different. Thank God! I finally found your Post.

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