Figs & Rouge Sweet Geranium Balm Review

I got this Figs & Rouge balm in my last Latest in Beauty box, it was the item I was most excited about trying as I just love the Figs & Rouge packaging, but had never had chance to try anything before. This is a mini version of the product, which is an ideal size for trailing, plus it’s in a very pretty, vintage inspired tin.

Isn’t it pretty? These 100% organic balms come in a range of blends/scents. This is the Sweet Geranium one and it does smell lovely. The best thing about these balms are that they are very versatile, you can pretty much use them for any skin emergencies.

One of the suggestions that I read was that you can use it as a primer! I was sceptical about using this to prime my skin, as it looks like it’s going to be mega greasy, plus when you try to apply it’s very thick feeling. Once you warm the balm in your hands and massage it into your skin, it feels a lot lighter than you would expect. It does create a thing layer which you will be aware of, but if you have dry skin like I do at the moment, this will do you lots of good. It did enhance the performance of my make up during the day and left my skin feeling very soft.

Have you tried a Figs & Rouge balm?

What uses have you found for them?

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4 thoughts on “Figs & Rouge Sweet Geranium Balm Review

  1. I’ve never tried Figs and Rouge, but I love a nice vintage tin. I would buy something just for that. I’d be quite interested to see how it works as a primer. Do you know where they’re sold?

    1. Hi Dija, check out CutECOsmetics they have a wide range of Figs & Rouge products and offer free delivery. I really want to try the Rambling Rose one.

  2. awwww the packaging is so totes adorbs!!!! but i dont like figs that much, dont think the scent would be something for me :s

    1. Figs & Rouge is the brand, none of them actually smell of figs. This one is Sweet Geranium, there is also a vanilla and a rose one among other things, each has a different tin design too.

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