Guest Blog: Georgy’s Guide to Brighton’s Best

To spread the #bloglove I’ve asked the lovely Georgina from Makeup Tips for my Sister, who I was lucky enough to meet at TOWIB to write me a guest post. Georgina lives in Brighton, of which I am mighty jealous of, so she has written us a lovely guide to some of Brightons’ quirky, vintage inspired locations. I can’t wait to go and check them all out myself.


Brighton likes to show off and preen – it’s deep within her very saucy bones. She’s partial to vintage and glam, and she likes a cake or two. Her rather brash younger brother, brightonandhove, owns the big-name stores, but Brighton rules the boutiques and the coffee houses. If you’re indulging in a day by the sea, then Brighton has some treasures in store for you…

North Laines

If you slip beneath the underpass in front of Brighton Station you’ll find yourself on Trafalgar Street and at the entrance to the North Laines, which is chock full of quirky delights:

Tramp (, 22 Trafalgar Street

From beautiful and highly affordable 60s perfume bottles, through gorgeous 30s tea dresses, and on to 80s couture, Tramp has everything you could possibly want in the way of vintage. Francesca’s jewellery cabinet is a veritable treasure trove and she even has a selection of stockings and lingerie on hand.

Hope & Harlequin (, 31 Sydney Street

Boasting a lovely mix of vintage and modern with fashion, interior items and objets on hand, Hope & Harlequin has select pieces lovingly-displayed and at not too scary prices. I’ve spotted Ossie Clark pieces in here on occasion, as well as beautiful vintage kimonos. A must for browsing and be sure to check out the original poison bottles on display!

Appendage (, 36 Kensington Gardens

Everything in Appendage is made by a modern British designer, from teapots to jewellery to delightful fresh prints and textiles, with a contemporary retro vibe that will have you splurging on Belen Gomez ceramics, gorgeous pop art brooches by Catherine Gray and my absolute favourite – Hannah Turner’s delightful ceramic birds with a mid-century Scandanavian feel.

Snoopers Attic

 As you leave Kensington Gardens in the North Laines and prepare to enter The Lanes (different spelling, don’t know why), you’ll find Snooper’s Paradise, and whilst downstairs is a day of browsing in itself, upstairs is worth checking out for a rotating selection of stalls featuring artists and designers who take vintage and give it a new lease of life. My current picks include:

Sow’s Ear (

Taking vintage clothing in natural fibres like silk, wool, lace and cashmere, and refashioning them into sensual modern pieces with a slightly Boho, Stevie Nicks flavour, Sow’s Ear also take commissions.

Circus Kinetica (

Yes, it’s Steampunk. Yes, I know Steampunk is becoming annoying. Circus Kinetica catch my eye because they understand the humorous heart of the genre and produce jewellery and items with a freshness and a whimsy that is very appealing and individual.

The Lanes

Ah, The Lanes. Antiques, antiques, antiques and a dolphin statue. But tucked in the winding cobbled passageways are some delightful little treasures:

Powder (, 5 Duke Street

What better way to indulge in a beauty treatment than in a retro-inspired and decorated beauty salon? As soon as you step in the door, there’s a feel of Old World Glamour, and the selection of vintage-inspired jewellry pieces for sale don’t hurt either.

Pretty Eccentric (, Meeting House Lane

The only stockist in Brighton of TokyoMilk by Margot Helena – Song in D Minor is a divine fragrance and sells out VERY quickly – and home of Helena Bonham-Carter’s wonderfully amusing Edwardian mad hatter hats.

Tic Toc Cafe (, 53 Meeting House Lane

The first time I ever walked into this retro heaven coffee bar the owner was putting a vinyl copy of Nilsson’s “A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night” on the record player in the window. If you love formica, Tretchikoff, and the whole mid-century modern experience with your strong cup of Joe, then you will have a wonderful time perusing your purchases from your day by the sea in this quirky and comfy cafe.

Have you visited Brighton? Where would you recommend?

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5 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Georgy’s Guide to Brighton’s Best

  1. I lived in Brighton for a year about five years ago now, but still have friends that live there and nothing beats a trip to Snoopers Paradise. I have picked up so many bargains from there. I went back recently and ended up with a side table as my companion on the train – cannot resist a bargain no matter how impractical the carriage home is! It is a wonderful town, completely charmed me ten years ago when friends were at Sussex uni and I have only fond memories from my time living there myself. Only London had the power to seduce me back!

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever gone into Snooper’s and come out empty-handed! There’s nothing quite like a fry-up in the Dumb Waiter and then a proper rummage through Snooper’s Paradise. 🙂

  2. I bloody love Brighton. It’s such a lovely town. Had the best spontaneous midnight picnic by the pebble beach there a few years ago. I love the sea side. Miss it, hate living Birmingham – its the furthest away from any sea side 🙁

    Lovely post btw xxx

    1. In the Summer, we should go on holiday there, you can get some amazing last minute deals on nice hotels. I really want to live there.

      1. Everyone come on down and I’ll meet you all for coffee and cake 🙂

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