My First Week of MUA Immaculate Collection Palette

So, after many tweets, particularly with the gorgeous and lovely Karla Powell, I decided it was about time that I purchased a MUA Cosmetics palette to try. So, I popped into Superdrug and bout the new MUA Immaculate Collection Palette, as recommended by Karla herself. It’s a great varied palette, lots of useful colours, I’m yet to try them all, but thought I would share with you the looks I’ve worn this week using this palette.

If you’re interested in a full review & swatches, let me know and I’ll see what I can whip up.

Here’s what the palette looks like…

So day one, I thought I would experiment with pink eyeshadow, as it’s not something I’ve worn for a long time! I toned it down with the fantastic matte grey in this palette, the other shades I used were shimmery, I used a matte purple as a definer. No primer and applied dry with brushes from Japonesque and Youngblood.

Day two, I matched my eye shadows to my outfit and went for a few shades of green blended with this gorgeous metallic gold. No primer and using brushes from Youngblood and Japonesque.

And the third day I was wearing blue and red, so thought I’d play with blue eye shadow, which I’ve avoided for years due to memories of dance school schools involving orange foundation and thick blue eye shadow. The colours in the MUA Immaculate palette are very soft and subtle, so it works well.

So far, really pleased with this palette, it’s great value at £8 and has a great range of useful and fun colours. The only criticism is that the colours aren’t the most pigmented, but I don’t really care because you get what you pay for right? I also think that the performance could be enhanced with the use of a primer. But, for everyday needs, this is a great bargainous option, ideal for experimenting and providing colour that lasts during office hours.

What MUA products should I try next?

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8 thoughts on “My First Week of MUA Immaculate Collection Palette

  1. Try the single eye shadows next – they are highly pigmented and really lovely to apply. I’d use a primer as they can crease a bit over the course of the day but they are insanely good considering that they’re only £1. Current faves are #26 (a beautiful eau de nil green shot through with gold), #5 (shimmery mermaid green), #12 (perfect dupe of MAC’s blue brown pigment!), and #9 (a lovely shot purple).

    1. Thank you lovely, I shall certainly check out the individual shadows, you can’t really go wrong for a quid can you?

  2. I love the looks you created with the palette. You really went for it, and didn’t stick to just one plain colour.

    My only criticism would be that the shimmery shadows outweigh the matte ones. For me that’s not a problem but I know through people who work at make-up counters that shimmery shadows aren’t as favourable. That said, maybe if people knew how to create looks such as the ones you’ve come up with, they wouldn’t feel that way.

    1. Thank you lovely, pleased that you like my looks, I enjoyed being a bit creative, made me want to get some brighter colours to experiment with.

  3. Very nice, i’m loving the pink look. I love pinks and bronzes to bring out my green eyes so this is worth a look. Have you tried any of the naked palettes? I am thinking of getting naked 2 because there seems to be a bigger selection of gold and bronzes, so just wondered if you had tried them, as they are a little expensive… but I’ve heard good things about the pigmentation.

    1. I’ve heard lots of good things about the Naked palette, it’s a beauty blogger’s essential really, although I’ve not tried it myself. I think if you’re on a budget you will get on with MUA, they have just launched a neutrals palette which has clearly been inspired by the Naked palette, so I would suggest checking that out. You might also like Sleek, which is also in Superdrug, they are very highly pigmented for a cheap range.

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