My Pick of Beauty Bay for February

So, as some of you will know, I’m in some serious need of some cheering up. Ideally, this would mean going shopping or eating lots of chocolate, unfortunately I’m no longer in the position to do that. So, I have opted for some online window shopping instead. I’ve been browsing Beauty Bay this afternoon and thought I’d share with you the things that most caught my eye and that I wish I could buy.

Firstly, you beauty fans will be pleased to know that the cult nail polish brand Deborah Lippmann has launched on Beauty Bay. The key pieces in this collection are the fabulous glitter polishes. I’ve had my eye on the Happy Birthday shade for quite some time, Deborah Lippman created rainbow glitter a long time before OPI Rainbow collection. Isn’t it yummy?

DuWop is a range I’ve been aware of for a while, but never really tried it. It was only on the arrival of this month’s Glossybox that I got to try one of their lipglosses. Beauty Bay have a really big range from DuWop, but it was these Iced Tea Lip Treatments that got me intrigued. They are clear lipstick shaped and offer hydration and protection via Green Tea Extract with a touch of colour. Described as lip balm, but not as we know it, I’d love to try one!

After hearing some rave reviews on blogosphere from the likes of Kenneth Soh and Nic of Strawberry Blonde, I’m dying to give Pai skincare a go. An award winning, natural and organic skin care range I think it would do wonders for so many different skin types. I love the sound of the Rosehip & Chamomile range. I love rose scented products.

What have you got your eye on over at Beauty Bay? Have you tried any of these products?

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4 thoughts on “My Pick of Beauty Bay for February

  1. I really want that nail varnish it’s gorgeous!

  2. Ohhh lovely choices Jayne – I definitely think you ought to treat yourself and definitely think you’d love Pai! 😀 xx

  3. hi Jayne – glad we could provide the opportunity for you to window shop 🙂

    I just have to add my tuppence worth to what Nic @ Strawberry_Blonde said: Pai Skincare is gorgeous, I’ve not yet heard of anyone who hasn’t seen a difference in their skin after a week’s use – it’s certified organic, making it a ‘safe’ choice when scouting for new skincare!

    You’re not alone in lusting after Deborah Lippmann – role on payday!


    1. Thanks for the comment Alisa, if only I had the spending money! I would buy everything I feature. Blogging is risky business.

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