Review: LAQA&CO Nail Polish Pens

So, I featured these beauties on my blog a few weeks ago when I spotted this brand for the first time on new web store, Sparkling or Still. The lovely team were so pleased of my support that they sent me a couple to try out.

First off, how amazing is this packaging? Each box is a gorgeous matte finish card, featuring artwork from a young, up and coming artist, each artist gains a cut of the profits of the sales of the product that they designed the packaging for. I think this is a really unique idea that I have not come across before. It makes for some pretty darn snazzy packaging too! Each box design is completely different in style, but still looks so perfect.

The two colours I received were Those Meddling Kids, a high gloss black and Pimpin’ a hot pink (oh yes, another pink, my favourite! Or not) However, the pink box features one of my favourite illustrations from the range, very Alice in Wonderland.

The pens have a synthetic thick brush tip, which is filled with product by pumping the colour end, I little like clicking a pen on or off. You also get theses witty and beautiful instructions, I love the typography and the wording is very quirky.

The instructions advise pumping until there is a loaded brush, but not so much that it drips. It also claims that you will get a streak free coverage. I’m sad to say that on my first attempt it was not streak free, the formula is quite sticky, so you really have to get the coat perfect before trying to go over it. The first coat is also very sheer, so two coats are definitely needed.

The nail polish dry fairly quickly and to a very high gloss finish. The colours are lovely and most of all I love the novelty of this design and packaging. The only downfall of this product is the sticky formula which makes it tricky to get right on your first go, but I’m sure once you get to grips with such an unusual design you could master it quite quickly.

The main appeal of this product, besides the amazing design would be that they are perfect for travelling with, less mess than a nail polish bottle, sturdier and quick to apply. Plus you’ll look mega cool with these gadgets! Retailing at £10.50 and in a stunning array of shades, these are certainly worth a play and would make a superb gift.

What do you think? Would you like to give them a go?

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3 thoughts on “Review: LAQA&CO Nail Polish Pens

  1. Awh wow these look so cool!! Mess free haha! I need these in my life! x

  2. I definitely need some of these! Would make it so much easier seeing as I’m so clumsy 🙂 x

    1. Clever aren’t they? A bit tricky to master though, so needs some practise.

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