What we Learnt at #TOWIB about Making an Appealing Blog

I think this will be my last instalment of blog tips from #TOWIB, so hopefully by the end of this post I will have summed up all the useful info that we received through the range of talks that happened at The Only Way is Blogging.

There were lots of suggestions that came out through all the talks about how to make your blog appealing to both your audience and to PRs, as well as some tips that would also help your SEO ranking. Here is my summing up of some top do’s and don’t if you want to create a perfect blog. Naturally, these are just opinions and would be most targeted to those looking to grow their blog or monetise it. I’m sure there are many bloggers out there who are happy doing things their way, so of course, don’t think I’m preaching to you, as there is no wrong or right way, these are purely suggestions.

Blog Do’s

  • Do include social media widgets and a contact email address on your blog, if you want to encourage interaction between your audience and PRs, as well as boosting your online profile.
  • Do consider the usability of your site, can your reader find what they want and browse easily?
  • Do think about your colour scheme & layout, is it easy to read and easy on the eye?
  • Do write balanced reviews, to enhance your level of trust. If you have something 100% negative to say, is it worth writing about?
  • Do include key words that you think your audience will search for to improve your chances of appearing in a Google search.
  • Do feedback to PRs with reasons why you have chosen not to feature their product, this could help them improve the product.
  • Do engage with brands and readers via Social Media, Twitter can be the key to boosting your readership.
  • Do disclose any samples or sponsored posts you do.
  • Do create your own brand within your blog to make something memorable and professional.
  • Do comment on other blogs to build relationships & to direct new traffic to your site (N.B you don’t have to spam for this, simply include your URL in the form & your name will become a hyperlink!)

Blog Don’ts

  • Don’t worry about being part of a media network, it’s not essential to blog success, although it is a good way to monetise your blog simply.
  • Don’t make your images too large, it will make your blog slow to load, which may put off readers.
  • Don’t overdo the layout of your blog, too many ads, widgets or lists will look messy & confusing.
  • Don’t write about everything that a PR sends you, consider which products suit your blog the most and focus your energy on this.
  • Don’t loose your professionalism when writing emails or on Social Media, you could create a bad reputation for yourself, think before you type!
  • Don’t follow the crowds, think of something to make your blog unique, what is your unique selling point?
  • Don’t spam anyones comments or social media pages, it won’t do you any good.

Have you got something you’d like to add to the list?

Do you agree or disagree with these points?

Comment below or tweet me @JayneJRead and I will add the best comments to the list.

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