Xylem Eye Cream Review

One of my main skin concerns has always been the state of under my eyes. In my modelling days, make up artists always commented on how dehydrated my skin was under my eyes, which meant that make up wouldn’t stay in place well, product is prone to sinking into the creases and therefore, looking gross. I’ve also, always had very dark circles under my eyes and with me being so pale, when I don’t wear make up these are very noticeable.

So, when I was asked to try luxury, natural brand Xylem, I was delighted to be send their eye cream to try. I’ve now been using it for about one month and can really tell the difference.

The Xylem eye cream contains 100% natural ingredients of which 77% are organic, so fantastic for the eco concious and those with more delicate skin. The main ingredients in this beauty are White Tea Extract, Avocado Oil and Apricot Kernel, sounds yummy right?

The cream comes out a funny creamy yellow colour and smells like pea pods, it’s very organic smelling which is appealing. On the skin it has a lovely light weight feel that sinks in quickly, making it suitable for the daytime and nightime. You can apply your usual make up over the top with no problems.

At £86.50 from Sparkling or Still, it’s a mega luxury which I appreciate is out of a lot of peoples budgets. However, you only need the tiniest drop for each application. With this type of packaging you feel like you need to push the pump fully down to get your ideal amount, bur you don’t need more than one drop.

Over the month I’ve been using this cream religiously, I have noticed that my under eye area is certainly smoother, more hydrated and my dark circles have been reduced. I can’t wait to see the results from using this longer.

I really enjoyed using this product and if I had the budget would definitely purchase more items from this range.

What’s the most money you have spent on a single beauty product?

Would you try this eye cream?

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3 thoughts on “Xylem Eye Cream Review

  1. I just wish it was cheaper, because it sounds perfect haha

  2. I doubt I would buy that type of product. WAAAAY too much for some magical cream…. Plus I don’t have lines around my eyes yet so I wouldn’t know if it’s actually really keeping them at bay or whether they’re just not showing cuz theyre not ‘due’ yet if that makes sense.


    1. I think the condition of your skin is usually hereditary, it runs in my family that we naturally have very dark circles under out eyes and it’s an area prone to dehydration. I hate it when make up falls into the creases, so a good eye cream is essential.

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