Guest Blog: Outfit of the Day from Land’s End

I was lucky enough to be sent a few beautiful items from American clothing brand, Land’s End recently. I featured the floral dress in a photoshoot a few posts back, which I love, but was massive. Another one of the dresses that I do love was also way too big, so I gave it to my friend Laura instead, which it appears to fit MUCH better. It’s such a shame as the clothes sent were size 10 and the smallest size they do, they were huge. Their size 10 is more like a size 12 and even then it’s a little big.

So anyway, my lovely friend Laura, also known as She Draws has modelled this dress for me, so that I can still feature it. I love these photos and love how Laura has styled the dress. It’s a fantastic quality dress and so versatile, I just wish it had fit me!

Anyway, enjoy!

How lovely is the weave of the fabric? And check out Laura’s Horrockses bed linens as a background, I want it.

Laura is so pretty, she has the best hair!

What do you think? Have you heard of Land’s End before?

You can check out the Land’s End website and also Laura’s creative blog, She Draws.


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1 thought on “Guest Blog: Outfit of the Day from Land’s End

  1. Awesome colour! The brown bricks in the background really compliment the concept. Kudos to you and Laura! x

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