Guest Blog: Review of Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

First of all Id like to thank Jayne for giving me a little spot on her blog to ramble in! I hope I don’t bore you all J

Ever since Laura blogged about this foundation I have been dying to get my hands on it! So when Jayne tweeted me saying she has a spare one, that doesn’t match her skin, I was delighted to take it off her hands.

Laura (lollipop26/Buy now blog later) described the foundation as having a gel like consistency and that is what drew me in. I love foundations, which are quite thick and are gel and silicon based. To me Gel means, dewy and flawless finish, and I can in fact confirm that the foundation lives up to this!

I applied this how I usually apply my foundation; splodging it over my face, then buffing it in. I use the Sigma F80 brush to buff my foundation in, as I believe it provides the best results, in comparison to any other brush I have used. Once I finished all my buffing and blending, I was left with a beautiful smooth flawless looking skin. That is if you were looking from far lol.

It gave a medium coverage without looking like I have too much on my face. The finish is a nice glowy/Dewy finish which I love. If you’re someone who doesn’t like this sort of finish you could always de-shine with some powder! If you have very oily skin then this foundation may not be for you, as it isn’t too drying. I find that I don’t need to touch up at all during the day, whereas I have read that others do. This may possibly be because of my skin; I hardly ever touch up any foundation I wear.

The foundation itself does have specs of shimmer which are supposed to be light reflecting particles. When I swatched it on my hand, the shimmer wasn’t very noticeable, but after I applied it to my face It was more noticeable in my opinion. Although this was the case, it’s very subtle and you cannot tell unless you look very close and are visibly searching for something.

Overall I think it’s a great foundation, and would look beautiful in the summer… This may be the foundation I take on Holiday, but I am still on the lookout for the perfect foundation to take.

If anyone has a suggestions as to which foundations are the best in extremely hot conditions please let me know! You can Tweet me @PinkSweetSz or comment on my blog !! If you do come from Jaynes blog over to mine do let me know!

But for now I’ll have to love you and leave you lol!

Sharmin x

Comments very welcome below or tweet  me at @JayneJRead or Sharmin @PinkSweetSz

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2 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Review of Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

  1. What a brilliant review! wow xx

    1. Thanks Liloo. Wish I had tried it myself now, as the colour may have blended for me too. I tried another Rimmel one recently which looked very dark, but buffed in and adapted to my skin tone perfectly, I was really surprised.

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