Kitsch Knits on ASOS

So, over the past few months, I have been more and more focused on beauty, in fact, maybe I’ve been a bit distracted by it. I’ve got to remember that I created this blog to share my love of fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics which have a kitsch, vintage twist. So, my mission going forward to to make a more balanced blog for you guys and I hope that you will enjoy it.

So, after a good browse of ASOS last night, something I haven’t done in a long time, I picked out some of the cute, kitsch knits that they have at the moment, I love each one so much. Let me know what you think of these and if you spot some better ones!

The top left is from the gorgeous NW3 Hobbs range and has an embroidered paperclip pattern, very random, but I just love it. Then the rest of ASOS own brand, I love the two sailor themed ones, I’m always a fan of the nautical look. The strawberry jumper is just mega cute, I also have a thing for fruit prints, so I’m very pleased that these are in fashion again, I must stock up!

Would you wear these? Have you seen some better kitsch knits?

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2 thoughts on “Kitsch Knits on ASOS

  1. ohhh i like that sailor type jumper! that’s really cute 🙂 🙂

  2. I love them all! I’ve also seen a Panda hoodie on ASOS that I am so tempted by, it has ears and everything.

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