Mega Kawaii Nail Wraps from Nail Rock

Oh my, I just had to post these on my blog as I reckon they are the cutest, quirkiest nail wrap designs I’ve ever seen. I spotted them on ASOS this week and squealed with delight. I want them all. If you didn’t know already, I love Japanese street fashion and these cuties just scream Harajuku and Kawaii. I also have a thing for cartoon food with faces on, so these tick all the boxes.

They have also released these rocking, tattoo inspired designs, which I also love.  I’m not so keen on the flame design, but I love the swallows and anchors! So cool.

I’m yet to try Nail Rock wraps, despite having a pack tucked into my vanity case, I must give them a try soon.

Have you tried Nail Wraps? How did you get on with them?

Would you wear these designs?

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4 thoughts on “Mega Kawaii Nail Wraps from Nail Rock

  1. Have you tried these yet , Jayne? They have so many different styles on ASOS. The pharmacy near me has a different make of nail wraps at £2 a pack. I may have to have a go with them first to see how easy they are to apply and if they last. I love your blogs by the way!

    1. Beckiii, I’m gutted to say that nail wraps are a complete faff, I wouldn’t personally recommend them unless you have the ultimate skill and patience. I wish they were better.

  2. I love the top set, I had them done at an event and fell in love. These are discounted on ASOS at the moment in the sale 🙂 they’re really easy to apply and last ages, but, they really did ruin the surface of my nails as it has to be buffed so much for them to stay on.

    1. I tried some Nail Rock recently and really hated them, removed them after just a few hours. So not worth it.

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