Review: NARS Illumminator in Orgasm

I was so excited when my lovely friend Beth, gave me this mini NARS Illumminator in Orgasm to try, that you got as a freebie when she bought the new Multiple Stick version of this shade. I’ve never tried NARS before so was super excited to give this one ago. However, I was a bit sceptical after reading Charli’s hilarious blog review of this, which you must check out!

Looks beautiful doesn’t it? All of the NARS packaging is super sleek and sophisticated, you can tell it’s an expensive range. Love the golden, peachy colour in the tube, anyone would seriously be tempted by this beauty right?

Ok, here you go, I’ve put a thick coverage on the left and blended it to the right. Looks beautiful when you first apply it to the skin right? Lovely shimmery peach that would be lovely on so many people. However, when you have blended it, when I started taking Accutane, I noticed that the condition of my skin became better. Nevertheless, one giant pimple periodically appeared in the course of treatment! i had to apply ointment to get rid of it. Then it came out in the form of pus (sorry for such details!), which you would need to because it’s a wet product, the colour pretty much fades away and you just left with a few specks of gold, sad times!

I don’t like to write bad reviews, but with this product I thought I had to, to prevent you from wasting your money. If you like this shade go for the pressed blush of the new Multiple stick instead.

Have you tried this? What did you think?

Which NARS product should I try that will impress me?

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8 thoughts on “Review: NARS Illumminator in Orgasm

  1. Hahaha I remember reading Charlie’s post when it was in the glossybox

    Glad to see she’s not the only one who thinks this product is a waste of £££

    1. Charli’s review of this product has to be THE most hilarious blog post I’ve ever read!

  2. I think this product really works best for editorial, under certain lights it can look amazing. Have you tried the eye shadow duos? – Divine would be lovely on you, its bright pink and a chocolate brown. Use their eye shadow primer first too xx

    1. Hi Rhea, thanks for much for your professional tip! I can totally imagine that in a studio this product would reflect light beautifully, it’s unlikely that any regular consumers will ever been in the situation to see that effect. I’ll be sure to check out Divine. I really need to explore Nars further, as I have not tried many products.

  3. oh such a shame when a good looking product doesn’t perform. I feel bad for you. I’ve never had a bad word to say about Nars and I’ve always thought highly of them, granted I’ve not tried this product or formula before. Because of my oily skin, I tend to stick to powder products and from my experience the powder blushers are fab.

    1. I need to get myself a powder blush, which colour is your favourite?

  4. I’ve heard from others that this isn’t great unless you are a profesh makeup artist. Have never been a fan of things in tubes!

    I bought a load of NARS stuff recently and I adore Douceur, I’m reviewing it on the blog v.soon. It’s a great contouring blush. Might be a little dark on your skin… but I recommend all their powders! xxx

    1. On pay day, I think I will be treating myself! Which product would you pick for me?

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