Review: VitaBella Anti Ageing Face Mask Treatment

This week I was lucky enough to get to meet Iain and Suzanne of new skin care brand, VitaBella. VitaBella is made in Puglia, Italy using locally sourced ingredients, hand picked and processed within two hours of being in the field, for the ultimate freshness of ingredients. The core ingredient of the VitaBella range is Aloe Vera, an ingredient known for it’s soothing qualities and frequently used in skin care products.

After a fascinating conversation with the brands directors and demonstrations of the full range, we were sent home with a sample of their amazing Anti Ageing Face Mask Treatment, yeah, I know at 23 I don’t need to be too worried about ageing, but the primary function of this mask is to hydrate, therefore making it suitable for all types of skin.

This is a really intriguing mask, for one treatment you are provided with a empty pot, a bottle of mask solution and a bizarre and mysterious looking white pill.

The solution is  a blend of  Aloe Vera Gel, Argan Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Hibiscus Seed Proteins and Wheat Germ Oil. This blend is rich in antioxidants, hydrators, vitamins and soothing natural ingredients. But how does this become  face mask?

Ok, so to make this mask come alive, you add the mysterious pill to the pot & pour in the entire bottle of the mask solution. As if by magic, within seconds, the mask will appear. Absorbing all of the liquid, you are left with a odd tower of white fabric, very strange, but I love it!

Gently, unfold the mask and apply to the face, it’s a similar concept to the Karuna mask that I reviewed recently. But, with this being in this form there is no need for too many  preservatives. The mask fabric is made of biodegradable fibres and is very easy to apply. With this mask being very moist, it sticks to the skin easily, allowing you the freedom to continue on as normal, whilst your skin drinks in the goodness.

Here’s me looking gorgeous again!

Not the most attractive treatment, you have to say. Whilst on the mask is very cooling and soothing with a pleasant, natural scent. After the 10 minutes, you remove the mask and dispose of it, there is no need to rinse your face. The skin feels instantly refreshed and hydrated. I found the results particularly noticeable on my forehead, where I am prone to fine lines, the skin was much smoother after this treatment.

This mask is available in a box of four treatments, to be used within two weeks. This retails at £59, which when you consider the cost of a professional facial, this is a fairly reasonable treatment package.

 What do you think? Would you pay £59 for this treatment course? Do you want to try it?

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1 thought on “Review: VitaBella Anti Ageing Face Mask Treatment

  1. Wow what a fantastic concept, you are right Jayne I am definately interested in this range!

    I love the idea of growing your facemask – it’s like those little mini kids flannels! Would make my life as a therapist a lot easier rather than trying to ice my clients face LOL

    I love Hyaluronic Acid and can’t live without my Eve Taylor 100% Hyaluronic Acid serum – has saved my skin this winter for sure.

    Thanks for this
    Sara x

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