Showing Off En Pointe in My New Land’s End Dress

I couldn’t think of a more suitable title, it’s been a while since I did an outfit post. I like this title as it sums up perfectly this (slightly indulgent & potentially embarrassing) self portraits that I took this week. I’ve been really nervous about posting these photos too, as it has been a long time since I modelled and I feel like I have lost it a bit. However, this shoot was just a bit of fun and to show off my beloved Suffolk Pointe Ballet Shoes and my new floral dress from Land’s End.

Here’s the first one, just to show you the pretty dress. It is apparently a UK size 10, but it is HUGE! I made it work for me though by adding a thick elasticated belt, which I think really helps to creative the vintage look that I like. I’ve gone for a white belt for this shoot, but I have a red one I’m going to try next time.

My hair flower is courtesy of the lovely Pearls and Swine, my white tights are Ballet tights from Dance Direct, the belt is from Vivien of Holloway and my beautiful pointe shoes are Suffolks, purchased from Capezio in Covent Garden. The dress is a cute cotton number from Land’s End, which I am loving at the moment, the poppy print is a soft, chalky style which is really vintage inspired. Light weight cotton fabric makes it very versatile. I would wear it with a red t-shirt underneath in cooler weather and with sandals in the Summer.

Now it all goes a bit processed and posy, I absolutely love editing photos in Photoshop, so this is where I indulged this love, I hope you like them. It’s been a while, so my editing skills are admittedly, a bit rusty.

I like this one, I finally got to use one of my wicker hampers for something other than hiding mess!

This one need some refining with the editing, but I hope you like the idea?

Can I also add, that I am still learning ballet en pointe, so I’m fully aware that I am not yet anywhere near, technically perfect, but it looks pretty right?!

What do you think of the outfit? The photos? My modelling/photography skills?

Would you like to see more model-esque photo shoots from me?

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8 thoughts on “Showing Off En Pointe in My New Land’s End Dress

  1. I love this hon! Your outfit is so pretty and you look beautiful… I’m a huge fan of flowers in hair! My fave is the basket shot, though the next one is very clever too. I’d absolutely love to see more pics of you like this!

    Nic x

  2. LOVE the outfit, its so pretty, and you look gorgeous… if only we could wear pointe shoes as acctual day to day footwear.
    the pictures are beautiful

  3. This is pretty, you look lovely! Beautiful photos x

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Really love your site.

  4. Too cute hun! Love them, very pretty x

  5. P.S. Wish a size 10 was massive on me 🙁

    1. It’s not at all a real size ten, gave one to my friend to try on who is a size 12 usually and it’s too big on here too. Such a shame that the sizing isn’t more accurate, as the designs are gorgeous!

  6. Love this outfit. Always been a little bit obsessed with pointe shoes and yours are gorgeous.

    I am trying to get better at editing photos. Love how you’ve washed these out.

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