Am I Missing Something?

I’ve done one of these posts before, but thought I should do another one. When people find out that I work in the beauty industry as well as being a beauty blogger, people assume I’ve tried every product under the sun. I must admit, I have tried a lot, but I am always drawn to the quirky, independent or niche brands. I sometimes purposely avoid some brands because they are already popular, that sounds stupid right?

Anyway, thought it would be interesting to list a few brands/products that I would consider cult status or mega popular that I have, maybe embarrassingly, never tried! I’d love to hear if you think I’m missing out, tell me which of these brands I need to get my hands on and try pronto and which ones aren’t worth the fuss.

1. Kiehls

I’ve only really become aware of Kiehl’s over the past year, as it wasn’t a brand I ever stumbled upon when I lived up North. Since moving South, the Kielh’s stores and concessions really caught my eye as the merchandising and concept is really unique. However, on further inspection I’ve found it difficult to get too excited by the dull packaging, shallow I know, as I can see a lot of the ingredients are amazing. Also, love some of their gift packaging and collaborations, like the recent Daisy Lowe charity Creme de Corps, as pictured. I remember seeing the Kiehl’s store in Hampstead in the Summer, when they had a promotion on which involved a lot of hairy motorcyclists and me wondering what the hell that was about.

Someone enlighten me please, do I need to get over the boring packaging? Which products should I be trying?

2. Chanel Make Up

Yes it is beautiful, it’s elegant and it’s timeless. If you read my blog regularly you know that I’ve fallen in love with the SS12 striped blusher pictured above, but is it really worth the price tag? I rarely browse the stands because I find them intimidating and sales driven, so can’t really browse at ease, that’s the case with a lot of premium brands actually. So many bloggers rave about Chanel make up, but does it really perform any better than another line?

Which Chanel beauty products do you love? Which have disappointed you?

3. BB Creams

Yes really, I may just be the world’s only beauty blogger who doesn’t own a BB Cream. I tried a sachet of the Garnier BB Cream and absolutely hated it, I put it on and removed it straight away. I’ve struggled to see why the European BB Creams are any different to a tinted moisturiser, so haven’t pursued this fad. They are just EVERYWHERE now as well, which drives me nuts.

Am I missing out here? Do I need to try a BB Cream and if so which one do you rate the most?

They are just three beauty products I’ve not investigated, I could go on forever with other things I seemed to have missed the fad for such as: Babyliss Big Hair, Clarsonic and Beauty UK make up.

Do these confessions make me mental or am I really missing out on something?

Comment below or tweet me @JayneJRead.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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5 thoughts on “Am I Missing Something?

  1. Let’s start at the beginning- Kiehls. Yes, you’re definitely missing a trick! The packaging is less than awe-inspiring but it is one of those brands where, actually, the packaging doesn’t have to be glam because the products are ace. I actually like that the packaging is a bit dull because to my mind it shows that the focus is where it should be- the products.

    Chanel- I’m not overly inspired by their makeup to be honest. I’m not a great make up girl these days but I have used a few bits and pieces in my time and whilst they do some wonderful limited editions (the stripey blusher you mention being one of them) I think that for the most part you can find other brands doing better for cheaper.

    BB creams? If I want a tinted moisturiser, I’ll use a tinted moisturiser! I don’t get the hype myself and the ones I’ve tried seem to be overly sticky. And if I want a cream with the benefits of my skincare but not as much coverage as foundation, I’ll mix my foundation into a blob of moisturiser. Job done! I think they’re pretty pointless to be honest.

    So yes to Kiehls, occasionally to Chanel and no to BB creams!

    1. Fab comment, great example of what a perfect blog comment SHOULD be. Thank you Lizzie. Love that your feedback matches what I was thinking too. Which Kiehls products do you rate the most? I’m also so glad that I’m not alone in the BB Cream= tinted moisturiser debate.

  2. I would also LOVE to try some Kiehls products, esp the body ones.

    Chanel – I love certain items. This blush is berluddy beautiful but way overpriced imo. I love a couple of the lipsticks and the moussey eye colours in little jars whose name has escaped me, but I’m sure you know the ones! Ordinary e/s not great pigmentation. Nailpolish – pretty but not lasting. Waterproof eyeliners and mascara are good.

    BB cream – the Estee Lauder one is lovely & would work well on oily skin. I’d also like to try the Clinique. Not an essential, but I find them quite charming!

    Nic x

  3. In regards to BB Creams, I’ve definitely found the Asian ones to be much better than the Western ones so far! The texture is thicker and you get more coverage than a tinted moisturiser as well as added SPF + skin benefiting nutrients. The original Asian ones are worth picking up if you’re interested in finding out more.

    1. I’m desperate to try some Asian BB Creams. That’s what I need to do, my problem with Western ones is that the haven’t grasped the concept fully.

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