How to Spread #Bloglove and Make the Blogosphere a Better Place

Ok, so if you are a regular reader of a follower of mine on Twitter, you will know of my recent mini campaign to spread #bloglove. After a number of recent occurrences in the blogosphere and a few occasions of  negative behaviour in the blogger world, I thought it was about time I revisited this idea of #bloglove, we have to remember that we all blog because we want to and because we have a passion for a subject. Therefore, we all have something in common, so the perfect basis for a kind, friendly, supportive community. It’s sad to point out that this isn’t often the case.

So, to help us make the blogosphere a better place, I’ve come up with a list of a few easy, quick good deeds you can do today to make the blogging community a nicer place. If we all try to do at least one good blog deed a day, I’m sure we will all be a happier bunch and you never know, you might just make a new friend or two along the way!

Also, before anyone points it out, yes I’m sure most of these things are obvious, but I thought it would be nice to offer a reminder and to highlight how these simple gestures can improve the community.


1. Leave a Blogger a Comment

Yes, sure, blog comments aren’t everything, but we can all identify that receiving lovely, interesting comments makes up feel happy right? It reminds us that our blog is being read by someone and that your reader is engaged and interested in what you have to say. Take just 1 minute to write something thoughtful on a blog post that you enjoy.

2. Share a Blog or Blog Post That You’ve Enjoyed

As with blog comments, sharing a blogger’s post or blog URL on your blogroll or a link on your Twitter will again remind that blogger that someone is enjoying their content, plus you’ll introduce that blog to a new audience. All for a mere five minutes of your time you can brighten a bloggers day!

3. Respond to a Twitter Question 

Have you spotted a blogger on Twitter who has asked a question on Twitter? Do you know the answer? If yes, this is the perfect opportunity to make the most of social media and to engage in conversation, offer a suggestion or a answer and if you don’t know the answer why not RT to see if you can help that twitterer find what they are looking for?

4. Recommend a Blog to Someone

This is a bit of a  pet hate of mine. If you spot someone, such as a brand or PR asking for suggested blogs, why not do a good deed and suggest a favourite blog or a blog that you feel would genuinely be of interest. Chances are they will check out yours too, but this way you really will be spreading some #bloglove and breaking the shameless self promotion trend of Twitter.

5. Donate to a Blogger

This might be a bit controversial. But, if there is a blog that you visit regularly that you enjoy reading, why not click on their adverts for them? Did you know that blog ads will earn that blogger more if they are clicked on? Sounds like a crazy idea, but see it as a way of donating to that blogger without having physically spend any money yourself!


I can’t think of anymore right now, but if I do I will add them. Do you have a point that you would like to add? Leave me a comment below or tweet me and I’ll add in the best suggestions.



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4 thoughts on “How to Spread #Bloglove and Make the Blogosphere a Better Place

  1. I would never have thought of clicking on ads as a way of “donating” to another blogger but I can see how it works!

    I do think we all need to spread the #bloglove a bit; the community aspect of it is one of the most attractive things about the blogosphere.

    I try to re-tweet links to blogs I like but I will try to tweet personally links to those I really like.

    Here’s to spreading the love!

    1. Thank you Lizzie, really appreciate your continued support. I thought the ad clicking was a novel idea, chances are the ads are relevant to our interests anyway, so why not?

  2. What a lovely post, we could all do with spreading a little love x

  3. […] by Jayne’s recent(ish) post about bloglove here are some my newly-discovered favourite blogs.  I’m always on the hunt for new material […]

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