Mii Cosmetics Kissed Blusher & Classic Twist Perfect Pair Eye Colour

I’ve been using Mii Cosmetics for quite a few weeks now and both of these items have quickly become staple favourites of mine. I first spotted Mii Cosmetics because of their unusual, sleek, modern packaging. I love the glossy black compacts and the contrasting white matte boxes with beautiful handwriting script font. You know me, a sucker for good packaging.

I stupidly didn’t take photos when these were fresh, so I do apologise for them looking a bit messy. Like I say, I’ve been using these fellas pretty much everyday and was so excited to try them

The Uplifting Cheek Colour in Kissed, is my everyday blush now, it’s a delicious candy pink and a really buildable colour, lots of colour in there which you can apply in layers to build up for a heavier colour if that is what you like, or just sweep on for a subtle, pretty glow.

The Perfect Pair Eye Colour in Classic Twist is another perfect everyday duo, perfect shimmery fudgey, chocolatey colours that are just so pretty. Again, easy to sweep on for a light coverage or build up for a heavier colour.

Here’s some swatches for you to see how nice these shades are, I didn’t realise this until just now, but look, Neopolitan Ice Cream colours!

You know me though, I can’t just do a swatch, I’ve got to show you these beauties in action. I’ve featured these lots in some of my previous posts, but here’s a look created especially to show you these pretty products. I’ve used all three of the above products in this look, along with a flick of the PixiGLOW Tinkerbell eyeliner to finish it off.

Overall, Mii Cosmetics is the higher end of your budget, with at £16.50 and the eye duos at £16.95. However, you can tell the quality is there from the appearance of the packaging and the performance of the product. I would 100% recommend and can’t wait to try more from the range.

Have you tried Mii Cosmetics? What do you think of these shades?

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2 thoughts on “Mii Cosmetics Kissed Blusher & Classic Twist Perfect Pair Eye Colour

  1. That blusher is sooo pretty, love it. Reminds me a bit of Benefit Hervana on your skin. I’m not familiar with Mii products.

    Nic x

    1. It’s an amazing line. It’s been designed to be sold in spas mainly, so not very visible on the mass market yet. I’m in love, it’s perfect, you should certainly check it out.

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