Models Own Indian Summer avec Bright Colours

Woohoo! This week I finally got hold of two of the new Model’s Own nail colours, one of which as the new Beetlejuice shade, Indian Summer. I was so desperate to try this shade out, I just whipped it on over the top of the colours that I was already wearing and I was utterly impressed with the results. Here’s the colours I used to create this mega awesome look.

Oooo, look how shimmery Model’s Own Indian Ocean is!? Anyway, before purchasing this pretty, I was already wearing Filthy Gorgeous in Air-Kiss and Essie in Silken Rope. I wasn’t sure if Model’s Own Indian Ocean would be a solid or translucent colour, so thought, what the heck, I’ll chuck it on the top and hope for the best.

So, I was mega happy to see that the stunning Model’s Own Indian Ocean, layered over these colours worked wonderfully to transform plain, solid colours into beautiful, shimmery, pearlescent versions of their former selves.

How beautiful does that look? The Model’s Own Indian Ocean features very, very find shimmering glitter in lilac, blue and red, which means that applied over another shade, it adds a new look to the colour. I just love it! I can’t wait to try it on it’s own too.

What do you think? Have you got this colour? Which nail polish combinations have you stumbled upon?

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1 thought on “Models Own Indian Summer avec Bright Colours

  1. loved how your wore indian ocean and your accent nail too xx
    sorry i cant comment more. i have a problem with your layout and the floating bar xx

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