My Favourite Kitsch Jewellery Pieces

For anyone who knows me in real life, you will know that I love to wear quirky, kitsch jewellery. I wear mostly independent or hand made costume jewellery, I have lots too, so I thought it would be nice to do a little showcase of my favourite jewellery pieces of the moment. If you like it, I’ll do another set soon, as I have lots that I could feature.

I’ve had this necklace for years, it’s from Biscuit Boutique, I bought it from Rose & Co in Leeds, when I used to work there many moons ago.  I love it because it goes with everything, it mixes quirky with classic and I always get great comments about it. Plus, it’s really well made, the biscuit is very realistic and I can often be found chewing on it. Oops.

This set was a gift from my wonderful friend, Laura, from her own line She Draws, perhaps you will have seen the collection on Folksy or Etsy? Laura doesn’t  make anything to sell any more unfortunately, despite my ongoing nagging at  her that she should as she is so talented. Anyway, I like this set because it’s meaningful to me, as it’s something from a great, talented friend and it’s a subtle touch of quirk to any outfit.

This amazing piece, was my latest purchase from Yorkshire brand, ZincWhite, who specialise in upcycling, they are known for their upcycled pencil and typewriter parts made into jewellery. It’s all mega creative and top quality. I love the pencil stuff and when I spotted this piece I just had to have it, it was my treat on my first pay day at my new job. It looks great with everything and it still smells of pencils, which to me is very nostalgic.

Mum bought my this piece, it’s licorice allsorts made of Fimo, I’m not sure where it’s from, but there are lots of similar things online. I love it because it’s just silly and makes me smile.

What do you think of my favourites? Have you spotted anything online that you think I’d love too?

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4 thoughts on “My Favourite Kitsch Jewellery Pieces

  1. As a massive liquorice allsorts fan the bracelet is my fave – love it! 🙂 x

  2. That biscuit and pearls necklace is AWESOME I’ve never seen anything like it! I think you should tell Biscuit Boutique that you’ve just sent a new their way (and get some commission!) because I’m off to look for it right now! X

    1. Love Biscuit Boutique! Hope you’ll enjoy browsing their site as much as I do!

  3. I’ve seen the allsorts before and am a big fan but I also love the pencil crayon necklace too 🙂

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