Nail Art Made Easy with Konad Stamps

Hooray! I’ve finally tried the wonderful Konad stamp! If you haven’t spotted these on eBay or Amazon yet, you are missing out. The Konad stamp is a really easy way to apply neat, tidy nail art yourself. Here’s what a Konad Stamp kit looks like. You can pick these up for very little on eBay and Amazon, luckily for me, this was donated to me by one of the girls at work who couldn’t get on with it.

You will need a special Konad nail polish, these are available in various colours and finishes and different sized bottles, although they aren’t essential to the process, the consistency is thicker and they dry very quickly, which means the results you get are more pronounced.

The metal plates come is lots of different designs, this one features bows, flowers, stars and hearts. The images are engraved into the metal plate, you apply the special polish to the chosen design, scrape off the excess with the scrapper and roller on the robber stamp, the image is then transferred onto the stamper and can be rolled onto the nail, either directly onto the nail or on top of a chosen nail colour, the design dries very quickly.

To clean the plate and stamper in between uses I simply used nail polish removed and some cotton.

Here’s the results I gained, I found the process very easy to master and quick to apply. I used a cotton bud to tidy up any mess on the stamper before application to ensure I got the best results.

Cute or what? I applied white stars over the top of a Models Own polish in Feeling Blue, one of my favourite blue polishes. As you can see the designs haven’t come out perfectly on each nail, but considering this was only my second attempt, I’m very impressed. If you think you suck at nail art, I would highly recommend giving the Konad stamp a whirl.

What do you think? Have you tried a Konad Stamp?

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3 thoughts on “Nail Art Made Easy with Konad Stamps

  1. These look so cute!! I need a little bird one I think 🙂

    1. I bet you could get one, there are so many different designs to choose from. Mega cheap for what they are too. Highly recommend!

  2. I just found one!! I’m thinking pink and green nails 🙂

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