The Not so Glam Side of Beauty: Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Wax Strips

Ok, this is a bit unlike me, reviewing something a bit more focused on being practical rather than something pretty. When the PR company emailed me to ask if I would like to review hair removal products, I must admit I wasn’t sure what to say, do I really want to share with my readers details of my hairy legs? However, because I was feeling a bit mental, I thought it might actually be hilarious for me to try and use wax strips again.

My last experience of at home waxing was with a Veet wax strip set, it was painful, sticky, messy and not really worth the effort at all. No surprising that I hadn’t given waxing another go since.

So, I was sent the new Nair Brazilian Spa Clay strips from Nair, which you can pick up from the usual places: Boots, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

These new wax strips from Nair have been enriched with spa inspired ingredients such as mineral rich clay, mango butter and acai palm. The idea behind the range is to offer effective hair removal that will last up to 4 weeks, along with extra ingredients to invigorate and improve the condition and appearance of your skin.

Both the body wax strips and the facial strips come with two types of wipes too, the pre-waxing wipe is a cooling, cleaning wipe to prepare the area and the post waxing wipes are a oil based wipe to soothe redness and improve moisture. You get two of each wipe, which means you don’t need to skimp or you can get two uses from a box, if you’re organised, or not very hairy!

As usual, the wax strips work by warm them in your hands and peeling apart to reveal two ready to go wax strips, strips can be used more than once by refolding and reheating. There was very little wax residue left over on the skin and there was no offensive odour, so relatively pleasant to use.

So, what you all want to do, does it hurt? Well, from someone who is not used to waxing, yes, it does hurt, alot. However, I think it is worth it for the convenience of being hair free for longer. It’s been a week since I waxed and I’m still smooth and my skin is looking good. Although, I must admit, it sure is difficult to whip wax strips off when you know it’s going to hurt, so I had to enlist hubby to help. Is that insane?

The body wax strips retail at £6.99 and the facial strips at £5.69, so pretty reasonable. I’m not sure if I’ll attempt home waxing again, although, it has made me ponder whether I should try a salon wax in the future.

Do you wax? What products do you use? Have you tried anything from Nair?

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